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Season 2008


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  • 21 episodes
    21 episodes
    • s2008e1202Who Should Take Mood Stabilizers?
    • s2008e1119Therapy Gave Him a Second Chance to Connect With His Family
    • s2008e924Therapy Helped, but Antidepressants Were Necessary
    • s2008e909She Thought She Had Recovered, Then Relapsed
    • s2008e903Depression Nearly Destroyed His Family and Career
    • s2008e829How to Cope With Nagging Family and Friends
    • s2008e821A Therapist Gave His Depression a Name
    • s2008e815How Depression Can Make People Lose All Perspective
    • s2008e811How to Find the Right Therapy and Therapist
    • s2008e804What He Did When an Antidepressant Made Him Sick
    • s2008e728Depression Wasn't Something His Community Talked About
    • s2008e721She Thought About Ending Her Life
    • s2008e715How to Tell if It's Depression or Dementia
    • s2008e709Alternative Treatments for Depression
    • s2008e630She Was Suicidal and Asked Her Mother to Kill Her
    • s2008e620She Wanted a Magic Pill for Postpartum Depression
    • s2008e612How Does Mania in Bipolar Look and Feel?
    • s2008e610How Therapy Helps This Patient Observe Herself
    • s2008e604How Antidepressants Help Fight Depression
    • s2008e523How to Ask Someone if He or She Is Suicidal
    • s2008e509Bipolar Disorder Defined