Descendants of Darkness

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Descendants of Darkness

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Mondays, 7:00 PM EST
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1 Seasons, 13 Episodes
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The Nagasaki File (2)

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Descendants of Darkness S1E2
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Maria Won is revealed to be the attacker responsible for the Nagasaki attacks, however her life after death was not without the helping hand of another. As it becomes clear that the mysterious Dr Muraki is involved in the supernatural goings-on, Tsuzuki l

Episode Reviews

by Emma J. M. Svensson

Apr 03, 2015

This is an interesting show, it may not be the best one ever but it sure has some complex characters that you really come to love when watching the show. I'm not a major fan of the medieval theme but I still did enjoy watching this one, so for those of you who like supernatural shows played out in the medieval times I can guarantee that you will like Legend of the Seeker. The show contains many strong female characters too which gives it an edge in my opinion and Cara is the biggest, bestest example of this she is strong, brave, loving and hot (even to me, a straight woman) and she's without a doubt my favorite character from the show.

by TelevisionFanboy

Jan 24, 2016

Legend of the Seeker is a fantastic fantasy show. Similar to Game of Thrones or Merlin, it takes place in a world of magic comparable to the times of yesteryear. With action, fights, romance, and more than a healthy dose of humor, Legend of the Seeker shines as a valiant example of a quality fantasy drama. If you enjoy shows with magical creatures, wizards, and a fair share of attractive people you should definitely check this show out!

by dassiearwen

Mar 21, 2015

Where to begin. I love this show so much! The characters, the world, the atmosphere, the storylines, it's all great. The only thing that sucks is that it only got two seasons!
Cara will always be my favorite character ever and just thinking about this series makes me happy. Go watch if you enjoy fantasy!

by cat-91

Mar 01, 2015

Not bad, kinda Lord of the Rings-esque cross Merlin-esque

by Shamaas

Sep 05, 2014

This show should have been given a chance to continue! It has a lot of prospect!