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Welcome to Wisteria Lane. Don't let the innocent suburban look fool you, there is plenty of action and intrigue in this "quiet" town--as evidenced by the show's narrator, the late Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong). The beautiful ladies of Wisteria Lane seem nice enough, but there's always plenty going on behind closed doors, so watch your back.
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Sep 18, 2015 3:19AM EDT

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Desperate Housewifes has an amazilgly written characters. These four women are so different from each other that it's almost hard to believe that they are friends. A perfectionist, ex-model, clumsy divorcée and a mother with a hughe family. The mystery is so real you can feel it. On that perfect Wisteria Lane, with an amazing houses, beautiful gardens and expensive cars there's always something going on, there is always something completely wrong. After solving one mystery you think that's it's over and they will lead a boring life but it's never true.
It has 8 seasons so that's a lot you say. But it was so nice to see all the kids growing up and making their parents mistakes, but it's life. That tv show has a lot of warmth and love, so you start to like the characters as if they were your friends. You root for their marriages and you cry when someone dies. It is a drama but it's also a comedy, a great fun with these girls. Their poker nights and drinks on a porch makes you wanna join them.


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