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First Look: Brian Austin Green heats up 'Desperate Housewives'

Looking for a fresh start after her split from Orson, Desperate Housewives Bree (Marcia Cross) hires a hunky handyman - played by 90210's Brian Austin Green - to spruce up her, ahem, house. Bree has an instant physical attraction to him, explains executive producer Bob Daly of Green's character, who is introduced in the ABC soap's seventh-season premiere on Sept. 26. But then over time it turns into something more. Unfortunately for Bree, her boy toy has also caught the eye of Wisteria Lane's newest cougar, Renee (Ugly Betty's Vanessa Williams). Suddenly by episode 4 they're both going after him, says Daly. So there's a little competition for Brian Austin Green. Source Here

The Desperate Housewives Get a Dallas Makeover

To kick off its seventh season, ABC's Desperate Housewives are strapping on their chaps for a sexy Old West themed photo and video campaign shooting this weekend. "Yippee Ki-Yay," new housewife Vanessa Williams hollered to me on the Housewives set. "It's the Good, the Bad and the Desperate - or something like that. When I heard we were wearing Western wear, I was like, 'What!?' It's their seventh year, so I guess they're thinking, 'What's left we haven't shot?'" The concept, to be shot by famed shutterbug Matthew Rolston, is actually taken from the old Gary Cooper western, High Noon, with Vanessa's Rene Perry as the new sheriff in town - complete with guns and cowboy hats. Watch out, ladies! I hear there's reason to fear Rene, as she'll be taking up residence in the home vacated by deceased troublemaker Edie Britt (Nicollette Sheridan). To Read More Click Here .

Desperate Housewives Casting For New Characters

Dana Delany is out and Vanessa Williams is in. This much we know about season seven of Desperate Housewives . Thanks to a new ABC press release, though, viewers can now prepare to welcome a trio of new characters to Wisteria Lane in the fall. They'll include... Maxine: An elderly lady of at least 60 years of age. She's Mike and Susan’s new neighbor in their apartment building. She possesses an unusual job. Beth: A quirky, thirtysomething woman who was Paul Young's prison pen pal and is now his wife. Keith: Handsome, sexy, 30-year-old contractor. ** Desperate Housewives is also recasting the role of Penny Scavo, Tom and Lynette's 12-year-old daughter. Any suggestions on who should take on any of these roles? Source Here

Vanessa Williams' Desperate Housewives Character Revealed

As I first reported last month, Vanessa Williams has inked a lucrative contract to stay within the ABC family as the newest of Wisteria Lane's Desperate Housewives. Now here are the exclusive first details about a character that couldn't be more different from Vanessa's Ugly Betty witch, Wilhelmina Slater. First off, she sounds about as desperate as any housewife who has ever lived on the Lane. Sources confirm to me exclusively that Vanessa will play Renee Filmore-Jones. She is an old college chum of Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman). They were rivals way back in the '80s, and we can certainly expect that relationship to continue in Fairview. (Oh, please give us flashbacks of these two duking it out in their dormitory!) Renee has been married for years to a handsome, hunky man (likely an athlete) named Keith Jones (I'm so picturing NYPD Blue hunk Henry Simmons in this role, though it's yet to be cast). They have no kids, meaning Renee has spent all these years just being a housewife supporting her man. But she's reached a time in her life when she wants to do more. Oh, one last thing: she has a secret. Who on Wisteria Lane doesn't? Welcome to whackville, Renee. We can't wait to meet you! Source Here

'Desperate Housewives' Star Eva Longoria-Parker Hits Back

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria-Parker is furiously countersuing her former business partners, claiming that allegations that she used "scare tactics" to drive them out their business venture are "absolutely false." "Longoria Parker plans to countersue the couple in a court of law in order to protect the integrity of the restaurant, its brand and the welfare and well-being of her employees, as well as her own reputation," her rep said, adding that the Desperate Housewives mainstay is a "well-respected businesswoman" whose reputation is "nothing short of honorable." She is also suing them of stealing cash, assaulting a server and punching a female patron. To Read More Click Here .