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Destination Truth ''Poltergeists of Pompeii/Nandi Beast'' Advance Review

One of my favorite shows, DESTINATION TRUTH, returns for its fourth season on Thursday September 9th at 9 pm on Syfy with the first episode titled Poltergeists of Pompeii/Nandi Beast (Season 4 Episode 1). Season four follows Josh Gates and crew in eight new episodes that spans Italy, Madagascar, Tanzania, Guam, Kenya, and Cambodia. For those of you not familiar with Destination Truth here's what it's about: Host Josh Gates and his team investigate unexplained phenomenon around the world. Sometimes they investigate paranormal claims such as ghosts and alien sightings. Other times they'll investigate local tales such as leprechauns, mermaids, and giant squids. They approach even the wildest claims with a high amount of integrity, using the most modern research equipment. The show is actually similar to Ghost Hunters in the way they will do their best to debunk any possible evidence. So the first 2 investigations of season 4 are called Poltergeists of Pompeii Nandi Beast . The investigation is a ghost investigation that takes place in Pompeii, Italy (sight of a famous volcano erruption in 79 a.d. that killed the whole city). The site contains 2,000 year old bodies preserved in ash and the a wide range of paranormal claims. I won't give away an spoilers but I will tell you that they collect a piece of evidence that Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters classified as Class A . To Read More Click Here .

DESTINATION TRUTH "Ghosts of Masada/The Leprechaun" Season 6 Premiere (REVIEW)

Here's a question. Is it better to discover a show you love from the beginning or 3 seasons in? That's what I asked myself when I discovered Destination Truth, a Syfy series that goes to various locations around the world to find evidence of unexplained phenomena. Past season's episodes have taken them on quests to discover the truth behind King Tut's Curse, and The Bermuda Triangle, as well as searching for evidence of Sea Monsters and Giant Anacondas. Part travel show, part adventure thriller, Destination Truth can perhaps be best described as Ghost Hunters meets Unsolved Mysteries, meets The Discovery channel. In short, it rocks. Other episodes in the new season take the team to Jordan, Israel, China, New Zealand, and Chile. The show is hosted by Josh Gates and this season will also include some guest investigators such as Kris Williams from Ghost Hunters and Allison Scagliotti from Warehouse 13. The new season, which airs Wednesday March 17th at 10 PM kicks off St. Patrick's day in style with the team in Ireland in search of the ever elusive Leprechaun. I had the chance to check out the premiere episode, "Ghosts of Masada/The Leprechaun", which takes he team to Israel in search of ghosts and also to Ireland looking for Leprechauns. This was my first time checking out Destination Truth and I was impressed for a few reasons. First off, it's part travel show. So, they don't just go to the awesome locations and set up their investigation, they also spend some time showing you the terrain and giving the audience interesting facts about where they are filming. Secondly, they are there to debunk just as much as to prove something is true. The crew goes in with an open mind but doesn't hesitate to prove evidence to be false. In "Ghosts of Masada" the team actually captures some pretty remarkable evidence (some of the best I've seen from a ghost investigation show) and they take it to Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters to analyze. In "TheLeprechaun" the team takes evidence of Leprechaun bones to an archeologist to weigh in on. Even though I love sensationalism (I'm such a sucker for those weekend documentaries where it looks like they'll uncover the Loch Ness monster right after the next commercial break), I also appreciate a show that will show you what's real and what isn't. Destination Truth is a fantastic show that I hope everyone will check out. If you are into shows such as Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures, this show will be right up your street. Check it out Wednesday March 17th at 10 PM on Syfy. Source Here