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Devil Survivor 2 Episode #13 Anime Review

As the world came to an end in the previous episode in a fairly dramatic way that worked beautifully both visually and emotionally with those that were lost, it’s all come down, at least for now, to the encounter between Hibiki and Yamato. Each have their reasons for going forward in the paths they choose here and with Yamato looking to remake everything in his own way, it’s no surprise that Hibiki will push back against him. Yamato has gone a little bit fanatical in a way, believing that he and Hibiki were given the powers they have for a reason so they can settle it out here and now as to how it should all go, and he’s convinced that he’s the one that Polaris will see at the end. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2013/06/28/devil-survivor-2-episode-13-anime-review/

Devil Survivor 2 Episode #12 Anime Review

Devil Survivor 2 has made a good show of things across the series in having some characters drop like flies at times in the face of an overwhelming threat. While you never got the sense that they would be main characters, it wasn’t something where you expected that they’d drop dead along the way, at least at first. With the sacrifices made in the previous episode and the revelation of what kind of power is in Daichi, the final onslaught by the Septentriones was pushed back at least a little bit. Now things started to come down to the characters themselves and the stands they’re trying to make against what’s yet to come as the powers that be that exist on some fantastic level start to go at each other. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2013/06/21/devil-survivor-2-episode-12-anime-review/

Devil Survivor 2 Episode #11 Anime Review

After the events of the Sixth Day of Judgment that has hit Japan, the fallout from it has been pretty intense. With Hibiki now in a coma, the group has found themselves in a difficult place, with Daichi wishing he had the power to make sure it didn’t happen and Io feeling guilty as if it was her fault, which others make clear that it’s not. There’s some decent bonding that happens across a chunk of the first half of the episode over this with the pair and the other members of the JPs and that’s pretty welcome. It also comes at a time when Alcor is getting called out by his “side” over the way he’s playing with humans and becoming seemingly sympathetic to them. His personality is hard to read as can be expected but it’s intriguing seeing the way he pushes back at them in a very casual manner all while questioning himself as well. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2013/06/14/devil-survivor-2-episode-11-anime-review/

Devil Survivor 2 Episode #10 Anime Review

The world continues to slowly come to an end as the days move on, something that is done fairly slowly as we’re now on episode ten and it’s been six days total so far. That kind of glacial movement is actually appreciated in some ways as it keeps events close at hand and you can feel the tension there even if it does spend its time doing mundane activities here and there. The previous episode gave us a good deal of information through Alcor that has helped to flesh out what’s going on all the more, but there’s still time to do some of the quiet things that must be done in life, even if it all has the potential to come to an end. Like cooking, baking and eating food, which we see a bit of early on while also getting the trappings of atmosphere in a bi way with how Alcor talks about what’s coming. Read More.. //www.fandompost.com/2013/06/07/devil-survivor-2-episode-10-anime-review/

Devil Survivor 2 Episode #09 Anime Review

With so many revelations going on in the series so far, bit by bit, it’s been interesting that it’s conveying so much detail overall within what is just a few days time since everything went to hell for Hibiki and his friends. Life has not gone well and as we saw previously, it’s on the cusp of being extinguished entirely with the view of the Void becoming clearer. When you see something like that, it definitely changes your view on things and suddenly having someone like Alcor show up in your room while you’re sleeping is less of a problem than you might think. Alcor’s nature is one that feels like it’s still hiding something significant, but he’s brought in some key bits and offers an intriguing role that doesn’t meddle but allows his presence to actively change events. Just in what he’s brought to the forefront for Hibiki has helped open up some possibilities. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2013/05/31/devil-survivor-2-episode-09-anime-review/

Devil Survivor 2 Episode #08 Anime Review

With a bit of downtime creeping into the previous episode that helped to reaffirm the friendship between Hibiki and Daichi while drawing in Io as well, there was also the undercurrent of disconcerting material filtering in as well. We’ve seen the way the various sides are coming together in order to deal with the very powerful enemy and that has them also divvying up the country a bit in order to defend the key points. But there’s still that sense of distrust to be had which is perfectly natural considering the personalities involved. With only a few days having passed since the world went to hell in a hand basket, you have to admit that everyone is handling it fairly well, even more so with the kinds of brutal losses some of them have seen right in front of them from the start. But you can’t help but to wait for someone to just snap with all that they’ve seen. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2013/05/24/devil-survivor-2-episode-08-anime-review/

Devil Survivor 2 Episode #07 Anime Review

With the series having introduced a few different elements so far, it has felt like to some degree that we haven’t had quite the focus on Hibiki that we need, never mind Daichi and io. But as we saw before with the arrival of Yamato, things can change significantly with the introduction of a new character and the way it can ricochet off of others. This is in particular with what Hibiki wants to do in terms of the right thing, and that means working with him and getting Ronaldo to do the same. With the idea that the world will be ending in a few days because of what the Septentrion is up to, it certainly makes sense. But there are those lingering grudges and the like that will always cause some amount of trouble with what needs to be done. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2013/05/17/devil-survivor-2-episode-07-anime-review/

Devil Survivor 2 Episode #06 Anime Review

On a week by week basis, Devil Survivor 2 hasn’t held up too well for among the sea of other shows, though I can see it being one that is tighter and more engaging when you watch a couple of episodes in a row, which I did recently. With the show dealing with the Tuesday segment of the run, we’re still in Nagoya and events have definitely not gone well for Daichi and io as they’ve realized the way everyone else in Japan is coping with the attack and how there are seemingly splinter groups showing up here and there in an effort to control things in their own locale. It also didn’t help that as we saw with Hibiki, he was away from them for a bit too long and that disconnect felt like it reduced him in some ways for me, minimizing his humanity as he was caught up with one particular group and wearing an absolutely goofy hoodie. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2013/05/10/devil-survivor-2-episode-06-anime-review/

Devil Survivor 2 Episode #05 Anime Review

With some decent emotional content in the last couple of episodes and the fact that they’re making it clear that characters can and will be killed, Devil survivor 2 has certainly upped the ante. Change is something that should regularly be afoot here and it’s kept to a fairly serious tone. But it also knows how to have a little fun and lighten the moment, such as the start of the episode here as a new operation is getting underway and we see that Nita and Daichi have stowed away on the train in order to tag along and do what they can to help Hibiki. It’s given a light tone even though it’s a darker atmosphere piece and that kind of blending can be hard to pull off sometimes. But they do it right here and it makes you grin and eases you into the more serious material that’s about to hit. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2013/05/03/devil-survivor-2-episode-05-anime-review/

Devil Survivor 2 Episode #04 Anime Review

Devil Survivor 2 had at least one strong element for me in the previous episode that’s carried over here in that there is a real cost to events going on. With Hibiki feeling completely responsible for Keita’s death and not being able to prevent it, it’s something that shows there’s a true element of danger here that can make most anyone potentially killed as it goes along. He does get some comforting words, but events like this can definitely make a serious impact for the characters with how they feel about it and that can drive the course in a better way than a show where there is no human cost to the actions everyone takes as they try to deal with various threats. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2013/04/26/devil-survivor-2-episode-04-anime-review/