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Julie Benz: Rita's Presence to be Felt Throughout Season on Dexter

Julie Benz, whose character Rita was killed off Dexter in last season's grizzly finale, returns to the set this month to reprise the role in a way she had hoped would be kept secret until airtime. From the sound of it, she may be back for more than just one quickie cameo in a casket. "Rita's presence is definitely going to be felt throughout the season," Julie tells me. "You can't deny that she had an effect on Dexter's life, which is really what this season's about." One popular theory - which Julie wouldn't confirm, is that Rita will be seen in flashbacks to happier times - a refreshing departure from the final ghastly image viewers were left with of Rita soaking in a tub of her own blood. "You're going to learn more about their relationship," hints Julie. "I loved Rita and Dexter's storyline, even though I know others didn't always like it. I do believe her ending was too abrupt, so returning (is about) my love for the character, the show and the fans, to give some sort of closure to help the story move forward." Source Here

'Dexter' Season 5: Romance and Casting Roundups

Dexter will be featuring a bunch of new faces when it returns for its fifth season. As reported previously, Julia Stiles is already in talks to join the cast for a top secret role, while Julie Benz, who played Dexter's murdered wife Rita, is set to make an appearance in the fall premiere. But there are more personalities to look forward to, according to TV Guide Magazine. Evidently, producers are looking for a funeral director and several mourners to cast for Rita's funeral, which will be filmed this month. There will also be character named Agent Walker, who will serve as the new male face at the FBI quarters. Then there's a 60-something couple named Molly and Bill who are expected to lend a hand to Dexter and his sister Debra as they raise a motherless Astor, Cody and Harrison. Speaking of Debra, the show is planning to give her yet another love interest next season but don't expect someone new. According to Entertainment Weekly, new showrunner Chip Johannessen is finally going to pull the trigger on a Deb-Quinn romance. Source Here

'Dexter' wooing Julia Stiles

This just in: I’ve got another killer Dexter scoop! (Let me know when that play on words starts to get old. Better yet, don’t.) Sources confirm to me exclusively that Julia Stiles is in advanced talks to play a major, top secret role in the show’s upcoming fifth season. What role, you ask? No idea. But based on what new showrunner Chip Johannessen told me a few weeks back, it’s safe to say Stiles won’t be following in the footsteps of last season’s very scary guest star, John Lithgow. To Read More Click Here .

Julie Benz Returning to Dexter

Julie Benz will return for the Season 5 premiere of Dexter, has confirmed. Benz played Rita Bennett, the wife of serial killer Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), until the Season 4 finale, when she was murdered by the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow). So how and/or why will she be back? "Bringing her back in a flashback or visionary way sort of steps on our use of Harry [James Remar]," says executive producer Sara Colleton, in a reference to Dexter's dead father, who appears to his son periodically. "We want to be very, very specific about that and not get gimmicky, because it would become too much of a device." Showtime's statement on Benz's return hardly clarifies matters. "As Dexter grapples with the reality of the death of his wife and the realization that he is now a single father, the presence of Rita Bennett will help him deal with his newfound feelings of loss and grief - emotions that Dexter Morgan has never really felt before," it reads. How do you think Rita will return? Hit the comments with your best theory. Source Here

'Vampire Diaries' Star Nina Dobrev To Play Kellan Lutz's Wife In 'Deathgames'

Nina Dobrev played some serious death games in the finale to the CW’s “The Vampire Diaries," and it turns out that’s only the beginning. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nina has just joined the cast of the indie action movie “Deathgames,” also starring Kellan Lutz and Samuel L. Jackson. The movie’s plot leads us to believe that this could be Nina’s goriest onscreen endeavor yet! “Deathgames” tells the story of Nina’s character’s husband (Kellan), a young man who is kidnapped and enslaved in a modern gladiator arena, in which men must battle to the death for entertainment via the Internet. Samuel plays the mastermind of the online gaming program who coordinates the fatal fights. Any other recognizable faces in the cast, you wonder? You will also recognize James Remar, who plays Dexter’s father in the Showtime series “Dexter" and was, ironically enough, Stefan and Damon's dad on "Vampire Diaries." Derek Mears, who is fresh off playing the infamous Jason Vorhees in “Friday the 13th,” continues his dark streak as Brutas Jackson. “Lost” star Daniel Dae Kim has joined the film’s cast after leaving The Island for good. So, regardless of whether you’re brave enough to watch “Deathgames,” Nina will certainly be in excellent company. Source: MTV

'Dexter' vs. 'True Blood': The Battle of Two Killer Media Plans

The all-important upfront presentations, where the major broadcast and cable networks introduce next season's prime-time schedule and tease new shows for ad buyers, have been taking place all week in New York. We media buyers try to figure out how well each show is going to rate, considering factors such as the program's characters, the writing and the competing shows on rival networks' just-announced schedules. Too often however, buyers overlook another element that's just as important to ratings success: how a show is promoted. Two shows whose marketing has stood out in recent years, however, don't even have commercial time for marketers and their agencies to buy: Showtime's "Dexter" and HBO's "True Blood." Each show's promotion has been as edgy as its content. Both developed media programs that captured interest, created buzz and drove ratings for their premium cable networks. "Dexter's" premiere-season viral campaign let people create fake news reports naming a friend as the Ice Truck Killer's next victim. I thought last season's "True Blood" vampire-themed out-of-home campaign featuring real-life brands such as Geico, Gillette, and Mini was ground-breaking. Read more @

Boy Meets Reel: Introducing the Web Originals on SideReel

Are you bummed out about the end of the TV season? Don't worry, SideReel has a whole new section dedicated to shows that are totally independent of the TV schedule. Say hello to Web Originals ! Web Originals are shows that were made for distribution and viewing on the Web, but they're not just viral YouTube clips of cats. Take one of the most famous Web Originals, Red vs. Blue . This legendary machinima sitcom from Rooster Teeth Productions has been making people laugh since 2002, using video game characters as actors in a grand parody of science fiction and war. While they technically finished their run in 2007, Rooster Teeth is still making mini-series and sequels, all of them as weird and crazy as their predecessors. Each candy-like episode weighs in at under 10 minutes, and every one is a blast to watch. Felicia Day's gamer comedy The Guild is another great example of how good a Web Original can be, with its look at the dysfunctional lives of geeks. It's very reminiscent of The Big Bang Theory , and I highly recommend it. It even has a wildly popular music video, with the help of fellow Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog conspirator Jed Whedon. The Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? video was a certified hit on iTunes and Amazon, and is catchy in a cheesy '90s-dance way. Lest you think that the Web Originals section is made purely out of comedies like the strange talk show Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis , there is plenty more you can see on the page. There are lots of educational and how-to programs available, from the kids' Super WHY! to the DIY-oriented Make Magazine: Best Weekend Projects . There's action in Angel of Death and Trenches , drama in Anyone But Me , and much, much more. There's a whole world of programming, and we're only scratching the surface of what's available! So head on over to the Web Originals today, and start exploring the world of free online shorts. You'll even be able to find some shows directly aimed at expanding the universes of popular television, like Dexter: Early Cuts , the chilling prequel to Dexter . We'll be adding more and more shows as time goes on, so don't worry - you'll never have to watch reruns again!

Dexter to Be a Wanted Man, Help Raise His Kids on Season Five

Dexter returns to Showtime in September. Following the shocking murder that concluded season four, it's already been confirmed that the show will NOT jump months or years into the future. How come? Because (spoiler alert!), Dexter will be considered a suspect in Rita's brutal slaying, which will be a prime focus of the new season. To Read More Click Here .

Wife: Michael C. Hall "Fully Recovered" From Cancer

Michael C. Hall is "fully recovered" from Hodgkin's lymphoma and back to work, his wife, Jennifer Carpenter, tells The Associated Press. Carpenter, 30, called her husband and Dexter co-star "incredibly brave" for coming forward about his cancer diagnosis in January. While receiving treatment, Hall attended the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards and snagged honors at both for his performance as serial killer Dexter Morgan. Hall, 38, is currently shooting the film East Fifth Bliss. Dexter is expected to return for its fifth season later this year. Source Here

Chuck or Lost: Which Will Take The Championship Title In The SideReel Showdown?!

Duke may have ruled the NCAA Tournament last night, but we've got our own championship title on our hands that's still up for grabs! The FINAL ROUND of the SideReel Showdown is happening now, and voting is open until tomorrow, April 7th at midnight. Vote now for your favorite and tell us who should be crowned the supreme show of SideReel: Chuck or Lost ?! In Round 3, you cast over 10K votes to decide between the "Final Four," ultimately choosing Lost over Dexter (3134 votes vs. 2191), and Chuck over Smallville (3835 votes vs. 1209). We know SideReelers are passionate about their shows, so keep those votes coming in the Final Round! Lost may have a leg up as one of the Top 10 most-watched shows on SideReel this week , but Chuck fans are known for being vocal. Of course, it's still anyone's game (until tomorrow at midnight that is!) so vote now while you still have the chance! The winner will be announced on the April 11th edition of "This Week in TV!" Which show deserves to take the title?