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'Dexter' 4.04 Preview: Dex Takes a Holiday

With Rita and the children out of town, Dexter gets the much-needed time to himself. Next week on " Dexter ", America's favorite serial killer will stalk his new victim, a cop that murdered her own family. But Dexter unexpectedly begins to empathize with her. The more Dexter learns about this woman, the more he begins to question his own judgment. The question is whether Dexter can handle the pressures of family or he is headed down a similar dark path. Christina Cox (" Defying Gravity ") guest stars as the female cop whose name is Zoey Kruger. Meanwhile, LaGuerta and Batista argue over department protocol, which threatens their professional relationship. And Debra aids Lundy in his quest to find the Trinity Killer, neither of them realizing just how close Trinity is to achieving his goals. Julie Benz recently said in an interview with Cinema Blend that the fourth season will have a shocking ending. "I mean, it's so shocking that - it's just shocking is all I can say. It shocked the whole cast," the actress who portrays Rita said. The show will conclude around mid December. To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source Here

Dexter: Season 4, Episode 3 "Blinded by the Light" Preview

An all new episode of Dexter airs this Sunday on Showtime , titled "Blinded by the Light". In this episode: "When a rash of vandalism strikes Dexter's new neighborhood, the increased vigilance of his neighbors impacts his ability to take care of his side business, and it doesn't help matters that he is temporarily unable to drive. As for the Trinity Killer, Dexter is developing an appreciation and admiration for his incredibly impressive technique." Showtime has 2 preview clips available: Club Level: Quinn tries to make amends with Dexter as the investigation for Johnny Rose continues. Watch here Blending In: Dexter learns more about a local vandal at the neighborhood barbeque. Watch here

Dexter Latest Episode: Season 4, Episode 2 - 'Remains to Be Seen'

Dexter mishandles crucial evidence in a case. His carelessness could come back to haunt him and impact Agent Lundy's investigation into the latest Trinity Killer slayings. Watch & Discuss: Watch Dexter: Season 4, Episode 2 - 'Remains to Be Seen' Read Dexter's Review: Season 4, Episode 2 - 'Remains to Be Seen'

Dexter Latest Episode: Season 4, Episode 1 - 'Living The Dream'

Dexter has to fit the newborn baby into his complex life. An old serial killer returns to Miami, and Frank Lundy returns to close the case. Watch & Discuss: Watch Dexter Season 4, Episode 1 - 'Living The Dream' Read Dexter's Review Season 4, Episode 1 - 'Living The Dream'

New Clip From 'Dexter' 4.02: Remains to Be Seen

A Preview to the next episode of " Dexter " is released by Showtime at the show's official site. In the episode called "Remains to Be Seen", the pressures of fatherhood threaten to bring Dexter's world crashing down. In his carelessness, Dexter realizes that he's misplaced crucial evidence, something that could expose his dark side to the world. But his search will have to wait, as Miami Metro's two simultaneous murder cases continue to escalate. Their top priority is to solve 'The Vacation Murders', a series of robberies gone bad that threaten Miami's lucrative tourist industry. Lundy, however, remains convinced that the bigger problem is dealing with the Trinity Killer, who unbeknownst to them is already stalking his next victim. Dexter has to weave a web of lies to extract himself from his duties, hoping to bury his secret before someone else finds it first. "Remains to Be Seen" airs on Sunday, October 4. Source & Clip

DEXTER Season 4 Preview - Featured

Watch a sneak peek of Dexter Season 4 which premieres on Sunday September 27, 2009 at 9pm on Showtime ! The tagline of the clip is "Can America's favorite serial killer really have it all? " Episode Synopsis: Dexter has to fit the newborn baby into his complex life. An old serial killer returns to Miami, and Frank Lundy returns to close the case. To Watch The Preview Click here . Source Here

'Dexter' Game Now Available

In line with the arrival of Dexter 's fourth season, Marc Ecko Entertainment has released Dexter The Game, the long awaited application for iPhone and iPod Touch. The wait is over alright but is the game any good? Dexter The Game, based on the first season of Showtime 's Emmy winning series Dexter, allows you to step into the shoes of Dexter Morgan, a covert serial killer governed by a strict moral code who works for the Miami Metro Police Department as a blood spatter analyst. Just like the series, you're expected to maintain Dexter's average-guy facade as you control his decisions, analyze crime scenes and uncover evidence while using stealth tactics to stalk your prey in fully realized 3D. Take note, however, that every outcome of your step and action revolves around the Code of Harry: Kill only the guilty and don't get caught! "We've taken great care with Dexter The Game to create a premium title that both fans of the show and gamers will love," Marc Fernandez, vice president of Marc Ecko Entertainment, said in a statement. Dexter The Game reportedly boasts some of the most impressive graphics seen on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It has been developed to take advantage of signature features such as the touch screen, accelerometer and recent iPhone 3.0 additions but more importantly, it is voiced by none other than Dexter Morgan's portrayer, Michael C. Hall himself. "We are thrilled to give iPhone and iPod Touch owners a way to experience Dexter in a fresh, engaging way," said Len Fogge, executive vice president, creative, marketing, research and digital media at Showtime Networks. "The minute you begin controlling him and hearing his innermost thoughts, you are completely engrossed." Source here

New DEXTER Season 4 Promo - "Private Life"

The DEXTER season 4 promos are the best. So here is a new one that was just released titled "Private Life". It's a stop motion short featuring the Dexter action figure. Don't forget that Season 4 of Dexter premieres on Sunday September 27, at 9pm on Showtime . Also catch up on Dexter episodes you may have missed here. To watch The Promo Click Here . Source Here

First Picture of Michael C. Hall on DEXTER Season 4

Check out a first look at Michael C. Hall on Dexter Season 4 DEXTER Season 4 premiere "Living The Dream" which premieres on Sunday September 27 2009 at 9pm on Showtime . Featured in this picture is Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan and Julie Benz as Rita Morgan. Although they both look happy, one of them, and I am not saying who, is itching to get back to their favorite hobby but is of course hampered by being a new parent. Episode Synopis: Dexter (Michael C. Hall) has to fit the newborn baby into his complex life. An old serial killer returns to Miami, and Frank Lundy returns to close the case. Source Here

Sneak Peek of Dexter's New Family, Promos for Smallville, Dollhouse & More - Featured

* Dexter : New promo photos of Dexter season four have surfaced! The stills show Rita (Julie Benz) and Dexter (Michael C. Hall) living in marital bliss together with baby Harrison, who looks so cute you want to pinch him, but don't, since his dad's a serial killer. * Smallville : Finally, the promo you Smallville fans have all been waiting for. The new clip is slightly different from the one shown at Comic-Con, but you still get to see Clark (Tom Welling) in the new supersuit. Sadly, the love scene between Lois (Erica Durnace) and Clark is much shorter--don't blink around 1:07. * Supernatural : Satan is coming! Seriously, watch the Supernatural season-five promo and prepare yourself for a devilish new season. * Dollhouse : Fox has released new season-two promo shots for Dollhouse. Did you miss Echo (Eliza Dushku)? Because if you didn't, get a load of what she looks like here and then try answering again. * How I Met Your Mother : HIMYM is finally coming back to your television! Want to see Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) get closer? Yes you do! Are you excited for the new photos and promos? Hit the comments to discuss which show you're looking forward to most. Source: E!Online - This Just In: Get a Sneak Peek of Dexter's New Family