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Dexter Season 4 Comic Con Panel Video

Actor Michael C. Hall reflects on the different reactions Dexter receives overseas. The hit Showtime series " Dexter " season 4 stars Michael C. Hall ( Game ), Julie Benz ( Saw V, Punisher: War Zone ), C.S. Lee and Jennifer Carpenter ( Quarantine ). Dexter Season 4 premieres Sunday, September 27th only on Showtime. watch now

Comic Con 2009: Trailer of 'Dexter' Season 4 Shared - Featured

A new trailer of " Dexter " was shared during the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con International on Thursday, July 23. Presented before the panel was started, the new footage serves as the promotion to the fourth season. It shows the changes within Dexter as he juggles his newly-found experience as a father, and John Lithgow appearing as the new villain, The Trinity. In the trailer, Dexter is seen rocking his baby and says to him softly, "Wanna know a secret? Daddy kills people." It continues with Dexter living an apparently normal life on the suburbans with Rita and her kids. "Dexter Morgan has everything he wants, except the one thing he needs...time to kill," so the caption is read. Glimpses of Trinity and how he is about to kill a boy's mother were then shown. Lithgow came in support of the panel, talking more about his character including spilling that he has not shared screens with the rest of the stars Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter and Julie Benz who also attended the panel. "We've done five episodes now," he said. "I still lurk and stalk .. I haven't worked with any of these people yet. I can't wait to have scenes with them." He talked more about Trinity, saying "On 'Dexter' I play a serial killer and his first victim is High Commander Dick Solomon. ...I can't tell you anything about this marvelous character, but he has many layers and colors." Hall then took time to answer some questions including whether his baby has the tendencies to inherit his serial killer blood. "The baby has yet to exhibit any signs," Hall said. "It's possibly there, lurking." One interesting clue of what to expect from the future 12 episodes came from Lithgow. He said, "I'm the only person on the set who knows what's going to happen in all 12 episodes. I could speak two sentences right now that would make this entire building explode." "Dexter" panel at this year's Comic Con was one of the biggest ones held at Ballroom 20. Shortly before the session was run, it was announced that there would be 12 animated webisodes titled "Earl Cuts" which is narrated by Hall to be released this Fall. It will chronicle the time Dexter learns how to be a serial killer. Source & Trailer Here

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Countdown Starts Until Return of 'Dexter'

Surely, fans of Dexter cannot wait for the return of their favorite serial killer. And a second Emmy nod for Michael C. Hall doesn't seem to be enough to satiate their craving for some killing (and baby) that awaits us when the Showtime dark comedy returns on September 27, which is roughly still a good two months away. For the mean time, Showtime has made sure that fans will never cease to get their constant Dexter fix, including a couple of the first three seasons' episodes every Sunday en route to September 27 and all three seasons on Showtime On Demand. The DVD for its season 3, meanwhile, will hit stores, online or otherwise, August 18. Hall, 38, is up for an Emmy this year for lead actor in a drama, running against last year's winner Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad , Gabriel Byrne of In Treatment , Jon Hamm of Mad Men , Hugh Laurie of House , and Simon Baker of The Mentalist . Dexter the show is also up for a best drama prize, against last year's winner Mad Men, Big Love , Damages , House, and Lost . Source Here

'Dexter' To Keep His Apartment

Things are looking pretty different for Dexter on season 4, as evidenced by the adorable promotional photo for the upcoming season of the Showtime dark comedy featuring Dexter 's (Michael C. Hall) baby with Rita (Julie Benz). Now that the two are married, however, Hall said don't count on Dexter to give up the apartment. "In the first episode we discover that, without revealing it to Rita, he's committed to keeping his apartment. I'm not sure how he pays for it, but we never get into that." Hall adds that Dexter and Rita will occupy a new home that they will share together alongside "Astor and Cody and Dexter's new baby son, Harrison." As for his affliction, though, he said it "remains" despite the baby. "I don't know if we'd be able to keep our audience if Dexter woke up one day and said, "I don't really feel like killing anybody anymore." Source Here

Jimmy Smits Remembers Dexter Run as a Great Challenge, Reflects on Past TV Roles

Jimmy Smits' run on Dexter was both short and sweet, presenting as it did a choice opportunity for the Emmy-winning actor. "It was one of the great rewards to be able to do that show," Smits shares in this video Q&A. As Season 3's ill-fated ADA Miguel Prado, Smits welcomed the chance to offer a fresh spin on what could have been just another officious and entitled politician-type - especially as he grew closer (and darkly so) with Michael C. Hall's titular killer. "They asked if I'm ready to be challenged," Smits recalls, "and I'm more than up for it." Also in this on-camera sit-down: * Smits talks of Miguel and Dexter's "bromance." * Looking back on his NYPD Blue days, what did Smits think of Bobby Simone's protracted send-off? * Smits wraps things up by recalling one of TV's greatest, pre-Internet watercooler moments: the shocking death of L.A. Law's villainous Rosalind Shays. Source & Video

'Dexter' Talks About Season 4

Sure, it's a long way to before its September 27 return, but early on, critically acclaimed Showtime hit Dexter is already drawing buzz every time a detail for its fourth season surfaces, the last of which was the news of John Lithgow joining the dark comedy as suburbanite and serial killer Walter Simmons. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the titular character on Dexter Michael C. Hall reveals some juicy tidbits on what the legion of Dexter fans should expect when the weirdly lovable serial killer returns to our screens. Among them, the minute possibility that Dexter might just be developing a soul. "He's undoubtedly developed the ability to simulate human behavior in increasingly convincing ways," he said. "As far as questions of does he have a soul or not, I'm reluctant to come down either way because I think that's the fun of the show. I don't think it's for me to say." Hall adds that while Dexter is no question a little disturbed, his humor doesn't only come from observing his own oddity. "It is helpful for Dexter's case that he seems to be surrounded by people who are themselves a little bit off. Especially the scenes with Masuka (C.S. Lee) are a lot of fun, just being perplexed by his oddity." As for the fourth season, Hall says that while there have been massive changes in his life, don't count on Dexter to just turn a new leaf overnight. "Dexter and Rita have a new home that they're sharing together, with Astor and Cody and Dexter's new baby son, Harrison. And Dexter hasn't been alleviated. His compulsion remains. I don't know if we'd be able to keep our audience if Dexter woke up one day and said, 'I don't really feel like killing anybody anymore.'" Source Here

First Promo Picture of 'Dexter' Season 4 - Featured

The first promotional picture for " Dexter " season 4 has been released by Showtime . Showing a picture of a baby with the drool bib saying "My Dad Is Killer", the picture represents the parenthood phase which will be faced by Dexter and Rita in the new season. Production for the fourth season is kicked off this month with the premiere date slated for September 27. Apart from the fourth season, Showtime has also ordered for the fifth one which will again consist of 12 episodes. This Fall, Dexter will be dealing a lot with his neighbors and a new deadly serial killer who is dubbed Trinity Killer because he has the proclivity to slaughter in threes. John Lithgow will take the role of Trinity whose alter ego is Walter Simmons. Meanwhile actress Courtney Ford is a reporter curious of the murders conducted by Trinity. Source Here

More Actors Added to the Cast of 'Dexter' Season 4

Returning this September, the critically acclaimed Showtime series Dexter is getting more and more attention, and even gaining more and more cast members. The fourth season is on the way and filming is under wraps, but word has it that two actors are joining the serial killer in his escapades. According to several reports, Tony Award-winning actor John Lithgow joins actress Courtney Ford in the new installment of Dexter. Lithgow has been given the role of the inconspicuous Walter Simmons, who, like Michael C. Hall's character, lives a dual life. John Lithgow's suburbanite Simmons has been dubbed the Trinity Killer, one of the country's deadliest serial murderers who has the proclivity to slaughter in threes. After being tracked by FBI Special Agent Frank Lundy (Keith Carradine), Simmons relocates to Miami and encounters Dexter Morgan. The two will go head to head, as Dexter finds himself fascinated by the methods of the Trinity Killer and his ability to escape the authorities for practically three decades. The problem faced by the protagonist now is that he's been called to assist in the capture of the Trinity Killer, who he's come to admire. Best known for his portrayal of Dr. Dick Solomon on 3rd Rock from the Sun, John Lithgow has signed on to appear in all 12 episodes of Dexter's fourth season. The Emmy Award-winning actor has been recognized for his TV work on Twenty Good Years, 30 Rock and other miniseries. He has been more renowned for his stage appearances, winning the Tony for his performances in The Changing Room and Sweet Smell of Success. Meanwhile, the Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Courtney Ford has also been cast on the show. For a multi-episode arc, she will be playing the part of a reporter curious about the case of the Trinity Killer. While the actress hasn't been seen much on the big screen, she's known for her guest roles in television shows like Ugly Betty , How I Met Your Mother , and Criminal Minds . Also a producer of short films, Courtney Ford is the wife of Superman Returns star Brandon Routh. Don't miss these new faces upon Dexter's return, as the fourth season airs on September 27 at Showtime . Source Here

Watch a sneak peek from DEXTER Season 4

Airing this Sunday, December 14, at 9pm on Showtime . This season, John Lithgow has been confirmed to join the cast of Dexter for season 4 as a villain. He will definitely be a great addition to the cast. To Watch The Sneak Peek Click here . Source Here