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Dexter Spoilers, Clips: What's Ahead?

"The last [few] episodes are a freight train when all of those pieces start interlocking." So says executive producer Sara Colleton of the conclusion to this season of Dexter, as the most recent episode of this Showtime hit made it clear that the walls are closing in around both Dexter and Lumen. How will it all end? We can't say for certain. But we can post a couple of clips from this Sunday's "In the Beginning," as well as a few teases from Colleton, courtesy of an interview with us. First, a sneak peek at Batista and Deb questioning Jordan Chase: To Read More Click Here.

Dexter Promo: "In the Beginning"

Our Dexter critic hasn't been thrilled with season five, but even he has to admit that the latest installment of this Showtime hit has laid an exciting groundwork for what's to come over the next few episodes. How will Quinn deal with Liddy? Who is Emily Birch? Can Dexter and Lumen get to Jordan Chase before he gets to them? We'll move a step closer to answering these questions on Sunday's "In the Beginning." Check out a few scenes from that episode via the official preview posted here: Source & Promo

'Dexter': Deb identifies with the vigilante killer

"Dexter" is closing in on everybody. In Sunday's (Nov. 28) episode "In the Beginning," everyone is getting closer to either the truth, capturing their prey or showing their hand. Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) and Quinn (Desmond Harrington) confront Jordan Chase (Jonny Lee Miller) about his missing head of security and his apparent lack of concern. It's fun to watch Deb because she's not one to hide her feelings, and Jordan definitely is feeling defensive. Don't poke the bear, Deb! Who knows who he'll take his anger out on next. At least she's not his "type." To Read More Click Here.

4 Things to Know About Dexter's Final Four Episodes

Dexter's struggle to deal with Rita's death will come to a head in the final four episodes of Dexter, executive producer Sara Colleton tells us. So far this season, he has been working through his guilt by helping Lumen [Julia Stiles]. He's believed that if he can avenge the wrongs done to her, he might be able to figure out whether he can atone for his part in Rita's death, Colleton says. "All of that will be converging, along with a lot of jeopardy that no one could've anticipated, not even Dexter." And while the producers don't feel pressure to top last season's shocking finale, Colleton says they want to make sure all of this season's puzzle pieces come together in a satisfying way. Here are four things you should know heading in to the Season 5 finale: To Read More Click Here.