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DIG Season 1 Finale Clip: Lynn Fights Back!

Because Peter didn't fully trust her, Lynn was left on her own with one of the most dangerous people in the conspiracy to rebuilt the Temple Mount. Now the Ambassador has Lynn in her clutches in the middle of the desert. What's Lynn going to do? Well, we've already seen Lynn in action and not much deters her. She'll storm through an entire consulate to retrace the steps of an infiltrator to prove her hunch is right.  Read More... //

'Dig's' Jason Isaacs shares his sense of humor, among other things, on Zap2it's Instagram

Very cheeky, Mr. Isaacs. Very cheeky indeed.Who knew Jason Isaacs, the star of USA Network's"Dig"and known for his sneering Lucius Malfoy, had such a sense of humor?The star spent all day Thursday (April 30) with the Zap2it Instagram, posting behind-the-scenes pics of his "Dig" co-stars and crew, as well as one unforgettable make-up work-in-progress shot that you just have to see. As he himself said, there's very little he's not done to support this show!If you missed any of the pics on ourInstagram, you can head over there, or check them all out here! Hello all. Jason Isaacs here. Are you ready? DIG Episode 1, Day 2. Hi Alison, Jason - nice to meet you. Let's get naked and make out in a freezing underground pond. Can I bring my friends? #DigDeeper A photo posted by Zap2it (@zap2it) on Apr 30, 2015 at 10:17am PDT The brilliant Anne Heche and the multi-talented director SJ... //

DIG Clip: Is Peter the Key to Saving the World?

Now that the red heifer has been stolen, the plans to rebuild the temple can proceed. The Essenes need Peter's help to stop the impending Apocalypse. But why Peter and how can he help?They suggest he's been placed before them for a reason and it's not only to stop the impending events, but that it's his chance to heal from his own, more personal wounds. After all, how else was the bullet so precisely aimed? Take a look at this exclusive clip from USA Network's DIG and tune in tonight for DIG Season 2 Episode 9 , "Jehospahat."   Read More...   //

'Dig' Exclusive Interview: Lauren Ambrose on [Spoiler's] Death

Debbie's life wasn't easy before she joined Tad Billingham's cult and once she realized the truth about what she was involved with, she stood up for what she thought was right. She didn't take the easy path and instead put herself in danger to protect an innocent boy.   [Spoilers] At the exact moment that Debbie felt at peace and that she was on the right path that boy slit her throat and killed her. BuddyTV caught up with Lauren Ambrose to get her take on Debbie's path, shooting the final car scene, Debbie's faith and more.   Read More... //

DIG Q&A: Lauren Ambrose Talks Joshua's Shocking Move

Debbie met her maker in DIG Season 1 Episode 8 at the hands of a 13-year-old high priest named Joshua. That was hardly the ending we would have expected for the woman who had only recently found her bearings in the crazy world she was thrust into years ago. We had a chance to chat briefly with Lauren Ambrose about portraying Debbie, her characters arc and the evil found at the compound in New Mexico.   Read More... //

DIG Clip: How Much Does Lynn Know?

TV Fanatic has an exclusive first look for you at tonight's all new episode USA Network's DIG. After Peter has a startling breakthrough on the Emma Wilson case, Peter turns to Golan on DIG Season 1 Episode 7 . Of course, the Ambassador is absolutely furious and continues the pressure to get Peter out of the country, but he's suddenly disappeared. That doesn't stop Lynn from doing a little investigating on her own.   Read More... //

DIG Interview: Alison Sudol Talks Emma's Explosive Return

Last night on DIG Season 1 Episode 6 , Emma Wilson was discovered alive inside of Peter Connelly's apartment just as he's about to catch a flight after being relieved of his position. Talk about bad timing! We had a chance to jump on the phone Alison Sudol who plays Emma Wilson to find out what in the heck is going on and what we can expect from the final four episodes this USA Network mystery.   Read More... //

'Dig': Emma Wilson's surprise pushes Peter toward the truth

"Dig" pulled a fast one on fans by revealing that after half a season of looking for Emma Wilson's (Alison Sudol) murderer that the mysterious redhead is actually alive.Now the questions for Peter (Jason Isaacs) will be who took Emma and why, and can he trust her to help him figure out the bigger mystery of the prophecy? "There's definitely some trust that needs to be rebuilt [between Emma and Peter] considering there's a pretty significant difference in the two realities in her being dead and her not," Sudol explains to Zap2it. "Their relationship really evolves pretty deeply over the episodes."Peter is skating on thin ice after cornering Emma's alleged murderer to figure out who he's working for. Now that Emma is alive, Peter has inside access to the mysterious group that is willing to go to murderous lengths to rebuild the Jewish temple.RELATED: Lynn demands Peter's badge after his latest screw upHowever, rescuing... //

Exclusive Clip From Tonight's Episode Of USA's 'DIG'

In tonight's episode of DIG, things continue to get thornier for Peter (Jason Isaacs), as he refuses to let go of Emma Wilson's murder. Of course he does, because this is Jason Isaacs and nobody pu...   Read More... //

'Dig' shows Zap2it Jerusalem, Croatia and lots of Jason Isaacs

"Dig"is absolutely not filmed on an L.A. sound stage ... and theZap2itInstagramfinally got a bunch of stamps in its passport.It is, as star Ori Pfeffer proved all day on Thursday (March 12), filmed in the streets of Jerusalem, and near waterfalls and beaches in Croatia. There's also a lot of Jason Issacs, all over the place (not that there's anything wrong with that). And we've also learned that if you lose a bet with the "Dig" crew, you have to do a triathlon. How did you do, though, Ori? We never found that out.If you didn't get to see Pfeffer posting the pics live, we've assembled them all here to check out. "Dig" airs Thursdays at 10pm ET/PT on USA Network. Hey everyone. Thank you for allowing me (@OriPfeffer) to take over the Instagram today and share photos from "Dig" @therealjasonisaacs made this showing off his multi talents @DIGonUSA #DIGdeeper #DIGonUSA A photo posted... //