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Dirty Sexy Money! Not really Canceled

The 10th Dirty Sexy Money Episode was aired on the 17th December. ABC has said that they will air the remaining 4 episodes during the Summer of 2009. These episodes will be the last Dirty Sexy Money Episodes. Until then Dirty Sexy Money is replaced by True Beauty.

Will DSM, Daisies and Stone Have Satisfying Endings?

We already know that they're canceled . I've passed the denial phase and now lay somewhere between anger and bargaining (see 5 Stages of Grief ). What's to bargain? Dear ABC, please please please give us the satisfaction of a conclusive ending to each of these series. So will we get it? From Ask Ausiello : Question: I'm still deeply in mourning over Pushing Daisies. But in all the worry about Daisies, I haven't seen anything anywhere on my other two dearly departed ABC shows. Any word on whether Dirty Sexy Money or Eli Stone's final episodes will provide any closure? Three of my favorite shows being dropped mid-storyline would be too much to bear. Ausiello: Good news. Unlike Daisies, DSM and Eli had the time and money to produce what an ABC insider describes as "satisfying series endings." DSM will finally answer the question, "Who whacked Dutch?" (brace yourself for a killer twist), while Eli wraps with what my source describes as a "powerful scene between Eli and his father." So...it's sounding like 2 for 3. Is this any consolation for you fans?

Dirty Sexy Money Interview: Scandal Ahead!

While ABC's Dirty Sexy Money has been unofficially canceled (sniff, sniff!), the rest of the produced episodes will still be aired - after which I'm assuming the official cancellation announcement will come. But until then, there's still plenty of dirty, sexy drama to be had, so let's enjoy it while it lasts! DSM stars William Baldwin and Seth Gabel chat with TVGuide.com's Matt Mitovich, so check out this video interview to see what scandals are ahead for the Darling family. Dirty Sexy stars Baldwin and Gabel say scandal ahead for both Photo courtesy of TVGuide.com

Cancellation Danger Zone: Pushing Daisies No Longer Safe, and Dirty Sexy Money?

ABC has canceled Pushing Daisies, executive producer Bryan Fuller confirms to Kristen of E! exclusively. So take out the bag pipes and light a few candles for a great show shot down. This innovative show, a rare cinematography based treat, has been canceled, and to add insult to injury it will be left off at a cliff hanger no less. Also up in the air, however, is Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone who have, reportedly, been canceled, but no confirmation has been given as to whether or not this is a definite [so people, pray that this is another Lipstick Jungle-esque debacle]. Source

Television's Promotion Process

So I know that this isn't news exactly... (I partly want as many people as possible to see this and give their opinion) but I just read that apparently Dirty Sexy Money, one of my favorite shows, is most likely going to be cancelled. So what I can't understand is why television networks seem to only make an effort to promote their most popular shows and not make much of an effort for their not yet established (but perhaps very promising) shows and let them flounder? I mean, in DSM's case, I believe it's up against some pretty stiff competition (okay, almost all the popular shows are on Mon, Wed, Thurs, or Sun while Tues, Fri, and Sat don't have much good quality tv) on Wed, so... why not move it to say... Tues (but not Fri)? I mean, I think super nanny and super manny are on then, but I feel like there's a decent time slot open that day. I don't know, but isn't it in the networks' best interests to have as many successful shows as they can instead of just a few? And just a slightly unrelated point--remember how every commercial break nbc ran promos for my own best enemy (not to knock on that show specifically) and ultimately ended up wasting millions of dollars? Even I could have told you I wouldn't have watched it. I mean I guess it makes some sense to put your money on shows that will promise you viewers, but it's shame what happens to good shows like DSM, Pushing Daisies, (I think I've heard "axe" reports for) the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Friday Night Lights (a few months ago, although it's safe for now), ect.

Dirty Sexy Money: CANCELED

This totally sucks :(

Tragic News of the Day: Pushing Daisies, DSM and Eli Stone

Brace yourselves. ABC has decided not to order any additional episodes beyond the current 13-episode orders of Pushing Daisies , Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone . While this isn't an official cancellation (it's more like Lipstick Jungle territory ) - it's pretty much an unofficial one, unless the steadily declining ratings for each series demonstrate some dramatic improvement while they're still on the air. All three shows hit series-lows in terms of ratings during their most recent airings. A moment of silence... Update: E!Online is using the C-word . EW is calling them effectively canceled . Source: THR

Cancellation Danger Zone: Dirty Sexy Money

Dirty Sexy Money joins its Wednesday ABC partner, Pushing Daisies in the Cancellation Danger Zone, so check out the status of DSM, why you should watch if you're not, and how you can help if you're a fan! Current Status for Dirty Sexy Money We've reported that there's hope for our beloved Pushing Daisies , which is still true, but it all depends on your source. So tvbythenumbers.com tells us in their latest report that the way it seems to be leaning is that another fantastic ABC sophomore show, Eli Stone , will be safe, while Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money will not be, with tvbythenumbers.com's predicting cancellation for DSM by January. Right now, new episodes are planned to air through early December. Since unlike Pushing Daisies, there are not other reports of more hope for DSM, it's looking like the lean towards cancellation is the current status we have to fully believe for now. As for comparing it to last season when it did do well enough to get renewed, viewership actually dropped throughout Season 1, starting with 10.44m viewers for the Season 1 pilot, but only 6.91 for the finale. This season's premiere got 7.15m, then it's dropped to between 5 and 6m in the following episodes ( Wikipedia.org ). Why Should You Watch So non-fans, you're probably wondering why you care to watch a rich family be spoiled brats while you're sitting home jobless because of the awful economy? Well, that's a good point. But the fact is, the Darlings are so filthy rich and lousy with drama, that they'll actually help you forget the economy troubles, and be thrilled you now have the free time to catch up on their juicy drama. The show focuses on an upstanding moral and normal character, Nick George, so that also helps keep the rich Darlings at arm's length as viewers get to sympathize most with what Nick is going through dealing with the ridiculousness of the family, yet also his desires to use their money that they pay him in salary and in bonus for his side projects, to do good for those he couldn't afford to do so by just operating his own firm. But while we get to relate to Nick, we also get to peek into the lives of the filthy rich, and also, though it's a typical storyline, see the pains and stiff they endure in their personal lives since, gasp, money doesn't solve all problems. I enjoy all the Darlings, but the romantic triangle introduced and continued of Karen Darling, Nick, and his wife is ever intriguing, the unique dramas of a Baldwin brother in the cast as brother Patrick Darling are fascinating, and most fascinating of all are the secrets those like brother Reverend Brian Darling bring into the mix, not to mention the constant drama of Papa Darling, Trip's, manipulations of others, including his loved ones. Save Dirty Sexy Money *Watch it! Tune in Wednesdays at 10PM on ABC to help out those ratings! * Email ABC *Write a letter to ABC ABC, Inc. 500 S. Buena Vista Street Burbank, CA 91521-4551 While it doesn't look like DSM fans have found something in particular to mail ABC to petition for renewal like Daisies fans have been doing by sending flowers and seed packets, you can still write a letter to get that personal touch, or you can come up with something to send and maybe we can get it to catch on! Photo courtesy tvnz.co.nz

Shhh! Rena Sofer Has a Dirty Sexy Little Secret!

While the Darlings are away, Clark-the-chauffer will play - or at least try not to get his employers into too much trouble when a nosy newshound comes sniffing around the family manse at Thanksgivingtime. As first teased in our ABC Sweeps Spoilers for Dummies Guide, that is the set-up for the Nov. 26 episode of ABC's Dirty Sexy Money . And playing the intrepid reporter who puts Clark (Shawn Michael Patrick) on the spot, it turns out, is Rena Sofer - a bit of guest casting that was buried at the bottom of ABC's press release for the episode. Yet I share it with you here, and now. Also appearing in the episode are Donna Mills (as a society dame) and Samaire Armstrong (seen in new scenes as Jeremy's globe-trotting twin sister, Juliet). Sofer's previous prime-time forays include, of course, NBC's short-lived port of the BBC's Coupling, as well as a simultaneous 2007 run on 24 (as Jack's sister-in-law) and Heroes (playing Nathan's wife). Most recently, she guested on the season premiere of Two and a Half Men, as an old flame of Charlie's now leading around a son who's the spitting image of Charlie Sheen's bowling shirt-clad cad. read from: TvGuide

Cancellation Danger Zone: Is Your Show in Danger?

As November sweeps run this month, TV shows will be stepping it up with lots of guest stars and plenty more to try to impress networks and bump up their numbers! As numbers come under the microscope, this means many a show has not only their numbers to worry about for sweeps, but their survival for the rest of the season or for another season to worry about as well. This week we'll be featuring those shows that have fallen into the "Cancellation Danger Zone" this season, and let you know the status on these shows, what you could do to help save them, and plenty more about shows already saved, and the history of shows previously in this doomed danger zone! *Update: As reported by our own RachelL , 2 shows on the list below didn't even survive the week: Cancellation News: Lipstick Jungle and My Own Worst Enemy Shows currently in danger of cancellation: Pushing Daisies Dirty Sexy Money Lipstick Jungle Crusoe Chuck Worst Week Gary Unmarried Heroes My Own Worst Enemy Privileged Smallville Dollhouse Photo courtesy of teamsugar.com