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Do No Harm Season 1 Review “Do’t Answer the Phone”

This week’s  Do No Harm , snappily entitled  ‘Don’t Answer the Phone’, saw Ian taking his shared body for a joyride , blowing  Jason’s money, and getting them both into some shady dealings with drug dealers. While it was only mildly irritating for Ian, Jason was terrified. But after finding his inner Ian, Jason managed to defuse the situation, get the drug dealers out of the picture, and even found a little spare cash to help save a patient’s eyesight. There are still parts of  Do No Harm  that just don’t work for me. While Jason’s job provides some decent medical drama scenes for Jason, it only hinders the overall premise of the show. We know that Jason will have to spend most of his time at work during the day, no matter what is happening in the background. Unfortunately, his job doesn’t provide any real excitement; we could watch any medical drama for cute kids with medical issues. Ian is the most interesting part of this show, and yet his nocturnal adventures are, for the most part, missing unless they involve Lena. READ MORE...

Do No Harm Review: A Mild Premiere

Do No Harm is NBC’s latest drama to occupy the Thursday at 10 slot, and while the pilot does as best it can to set up this retelling of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, there are some aspects that need a good amount of polish to bring the show up to par. Or any semblance of par, for that matter. The biggest problem with Do No Harm lies with Ian Price, who is Jason Cole’s meaner and nastier side that comes out to play every night at 8:25. In order for Ian to work, he needs to provide plenty of opposition to Jason - and while he snorts up some coke, punches some guys in the face and has plenty of lady company he’s not exactly mean. Read More... //

Do No Harm Series Premiere Review: A Show With a Split Personality

Is it a character study about a man fighting against himself? Is it a medical drama about a gifted surgeon? It's both, and it's also stupid fun. //

Do No Harm Season 1 Review “Pilot” – 8.25

In  Do No Harm , NBCs latest drama, the theme of Jekyll and Hyde-esque dual personalities is explored. Jason Cole is a neurosurgeon with a secret — between the hours of 8.25pm and 8.25am, he becomes Ian Price, his cruel, hedonistic alterego. For the past five years, Jason has kept Ian locked away by sedating himself every night, but Ian has become immune to the effects of the special blend sedative Jason has been using. Left with no way of keeping Ian at bay, Jason decides to give him his freedom — at least until he finds a way to ‘kill’ Ian for good. It’s a good setup, though the flaws may be in the details. Ian has existed for five years at the absolute minimum, though likely longer since there was obviously a span of time in which he was free before Jason began to sedate him. How Ian became a successful and competent surgeon while constantly under the threat of Ian is something that will hopefully be explored soon. READ MORE...

Seitz on Do No Harm: This Dual-Personality Tale Could Use More Jekyll, Less Hyde

NBC’s Do No Harm (NBC, Thursdays, 10 p.m.) is a show that practically cries out to be on cable. It manages to be as nutty and sleazy as can be within network content limits, but it's still not special enough to stand out. Steven Pasquale stars as Dr. Jason Cole, a hotshot Philadelphia surgeon who, unbeknownst to almost everyone, has a secret alter ego named Ian who’s very, very bad. I don’t want to get into too many details high up, in case you’re planning on watching tonight’s pilot; suffice it to say that Do No Harm is neither as trashy nor as clever as it needs to be to make a strong impression, and that Pasquale is the main (maybe only) reason to watch it, aside from a few blackly hilarious lines. Most of the latter are amusing because the star’s "Ian" incarnation is delivering them. Ian’s one of my favorite kinds of characters: one that, on some level, knows he’s in a drama and feels tremendously liberated by that fact. Read More... //

'Do No Harm' review: This Jekyll and Hyde drama is too ridiculous to last

"Do No Harm" is the latest drama NBC is trying out in the post-comedy bloc of 10 p.m. on Thursday nights, a spot NBC has not had a hit in since "ER" went off the air. So, maybe a new medical drama is the way to go? Not so much. Steven Pasquale stars as Dr. Jason Cole (J. Cole, get it? Say it fast, we'll wait), a neurosurgeon who is leading a double life because every night (at exactly 8:25 p.m., what is that about?) he turns into Ian Price, the evil Mr. Hyde side of his personality. Even if that has you hooked, it's all downhill from there. But don't worry, this show won't be around long enough for anyone to ask too many questions. Questions like why does Ian Price spend his nights ruining Dr. Cole's life, especially when his actions will affect the Price side of the personality as well? And again,... //

Television Review: ‘Do No Harm’ on NBC, and ‘Monday Mornings’ on TNT

Two new medical dramas, "Do No Harm" on NBC, and "Monday Mornings" on TNT, explore the rough-and-tumble world of hospitals. //