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'Does Someone Have to Go?': Employees compare salaries, open a can of worms

Even though "The Office" is ended its run this month, fans of unique workplace personalities and drama will still have a place to get their fix -- and in real life. The new FOX reality series "Does Someone Have to Go?" premiering Thursday, May 23, gives employees at "dysfunctional" companies 48 hours to switch places with their boss/owner and call the shots, often leading to what executive producer Cris Abrego calls "one big therapeutic session."Abrego says his production sought out companies "where they were having some level of dysfunction, or some level of toxicity in the workplace. ... It has nothing to do, in a sense, with financial dysfunction. In fact, the companies we are featuring in this first series are all thriving companies and very successful in their own right. It's about the employees, and are they overvalued or undervalued?"Part of the agreement made with participating companies was that the owners would do their... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/05/does-someone-have-to-go-employees-compare-salaries-open-a-can-of-worms.html