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Dog Whisperer

"Ruby and Rana"

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Dog Whisperer S1E3
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Scared Family Dog Larry and Ann Klein and their children have a Vizsla named Ruby who seems to live in a nearly constant state of terror. She is extremely possessive of her food, toys and treats, and cannot tolerate cameras. The Kleins have attempted to desensitize her by sitting with her, petting her and talking soothingly to her while she growls, but this strategy is not working, and they do not attempt to anything away from her once she has it. Cesar explains that they should have the authority to take from Ruby anything at any time and that they are nurturing insecurity by giving her affection when Ruby is in an unstable state of mind. Cesar suggests that they use a leash to redirect Ruby's behavior in facing what she fears. This keeps her in place and under control. He shows them, again using her leash, to take things from her. Then Cesar deals with her fear of their pool. Soon Ruby is jumping in to play with Cesar and the Klein children. Lastly, they deal with nail trimming. The Kleins are confident that now they can become Ruby's pack leaders, and make her a happier dog. Make Room for Rana Karen Adams and her daughter Alanna have a Sheltie named Rana. Rana has progressively become more and more frantic at things like the toaster popping and the phone ringing. It has become so bad that they have largely stopped making toast and answering the phone is an ordeal. Cesar has them show him what happens when the toaster pops, then he shows them that by using his leash they can force him to deal with what frightens him. Karen puts his leash on, then pops the toast and is stunned when Rana doesn't react. Cesar explains that the leash makes him submissive, and he is less frightened when he doesn't feel that he must control his environment. He shows her the increasing stages of aggression and at which point the correction must come.
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