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The Dog Whisperer Meets the Wolf-Dog! (VIDEO)

We can handle dealing with dogs. Or at least, generally speaking, we can. But what if you met an animal ... that was something more than a dog? That's the issue for Cesar Millan on the latest 'Dog Whisperer' (Fri., 8PM ET on Nat Geo). Recently, owners have been crossing regular dogs with wolves, to create a wolf-dog hybrid. This is not necessarily a good plan, and it's outside of the range of Cesar's expertise. So "dog whisperer" Millan brings in an outside expert -- wolf-dog master Jennifer McCarthy. Cesar and Jenny are trying to deal with Sofie, an adorable wolf-dog who has a little too much energy. Sofie has a knack for escaping from her house, and destroying her owners' property. So Cesar comes up with a cunning plan: He'll just tire Sofie out, by making her run on a treadmill! But then Jennifer objects to his strategy. Will the two experts learn to agree, and be able to solve the curse ... of the wolf-dog? Source & Video