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DOMINION Review: Syfy’s Angel Drama Is Still Looking For Its Wings

Syfy’s new series  Dominion  opens with the assertion: “25 years ago, God left.”  It doesn’t say to where, or what it was about 1989 that annoyed Him so much that He saw fit to finally have enough with humanity.  What viewers can use to glean a little more of regarding the show’s backstory is the lackluster film the series is based on: 2010′s  Legion , starring  Paul Bettany  as the archangel Michael, who has decided to side with humanity in a war against his brother Gabriel and a lower class of angels.  Michael is back in  Dominion , this time played by  300 ‘s  Tom Wisdom , and his main objective is still to protect a “Chosen One” who will save mankind from angels (or at least, TV specials about them).  Hit the jump for more about what these angels should learn from  Wings of Desire . Read More... //collider.com/dominion-review-syfy/

‘Dominion’ (Syfy) Series Premiere 2014 “Pilot”

Dominion  series premiere 2014 “Pilot” airs Thursday, June 19th at 9PM ET/PT on Syfy. Episode Synopsis:  Dominion Series Premiere “Pilot” – 20 years after angels descended from heaven to lay waste to the human souls they felt God had favored over them, a reluctant “savior” must arise to protect Vega, the last remaining stronghold of humanity. The savior has more to fear than just angels, as the elites of this new society conspire to gain power for themselves. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/06/19/dominion-syfy-series-premiere-2014-pilot/

Summer Preview: Syfy's Dominion Unleashes Holy War

  When God takes a holiday, how do his abandoned heavenly children react? They rain hell down on earth. The new Syfy series Dominion a sequel to the 2010 movie Legion is set in a world deserted by the Almighty and still ravaged from angels who attacked some 25 years earlier, in the Extinction War. Archangel Gabriel ( Carl Beukes ) and a...   //www.tvguide.com/News/_television/genres/syfy-Dominion-Preview-1083155.aspx?rss=breakingnews