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Lindsay Lohan on 'Double Exposure': Always wipe down your stripper pole

Last night, we saw the conclusion to the Lindsay Lohan-related saga that began on last week's Double Exposure episode, titled “Is Lindsay Here Yet? And frankly, I'm not sure what all the fuss was about. Recap in case you missed the beginning of the drama: Lohan was running late to a photo shoot for her 6126 legging line (those two words together still slay me!), causing our favorite frantic photographers to become, well, more frantic. Losing a sizable amount of money due to someone's 11-hour tardiness will do that to you, though. For the record, Lohan claimed via Twitter last week that the events shown were bulls - and that she was purposely given her the wrong call time for the shoot, saying it was all a set-up. I don't know which is true; my Magic 8-Ball, which settles all pop culture-related disputes, is refusing to cooperate due to lack of interest in the situation. Instead, it gave me a better piece of sounds advice it learned from Lindsay last night: Clean your stripper pole before use. Oh, Magica, always looking out for me. To Read More Click Here .

Double Exposure

"Double Exposure" is a docu-series that follows renowned art and fashion photographer Markus Klinko and his partner and former girlfriend, photographer and model Indrani, giving viewers a taste of the fast-paced world of high fashion and celebrity photography. From album covers for Davie Bowie and Beyonce to prize-winning photographs of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Kate Winslet, the duo has shot virtually every contemporary boldface name and countless other iconic images for fashion campaigns and magazines. With two former lovers working together 18 hours a day in incredibly high-stress environments, filled with deadlines, stretched budgets, expensive locations and demanding talent, it's not unusual for sparks to fly both on camera and outside the frame. Source: Bravo