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Dr. Ken Series Premiere Review: A Typical Case of the Multi-Cams

Nurse, this show needs an injection of funnies!   Read More... //

Dr. Ken, Heal Thyself

  Here's hoping Ken Jeong is a better doctor than he is a sitcom creator, because holy lord, Dr. Ken inspired by the fact that Jeong is, in fact, an M.D. is a dud. It's a show that confuses loudness with funniness.Jeong himself screams every line, and the studio audience howls back, particularly when Jeong does his faux- rapper voice. It's crass and phony, and everything people say they hate about multi-camera comedies (staged, in front of a studio audience). The pilot's first beat revolves around a patient who may or may not have hemorrhoids. The word hemorrhoid is said several times, ostensibly to comic effect. This opening scene could have been about anything. It could have found a way to entice viewers, or delight us, or engage us, or scandalize us, or impress us, or inspire us, or educate us. Instead, it's "hemorrhoid" nine times and some material about colonoscopies. There are so many glorious options, and yet Dr. Ken decided on this.   Read More... //

Review: In Dr. Ken on ABC, Ken Jeong Is a Physician With Jokes

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