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Dragon Crisis! Episode #12 - Review

With the previous episode, we saw Rose being essentially handed over to Onyx for what he believes to be her benefit, but it was a difficult thing for him to have to do since it wasn't what he wanted. Others understood what he was doing, though they may not have agreed with it, but it was his and Rose's choice to make. In the time since then, which hasn't been all that much it seems, Ryuji has withdrawn pretty handily to the point where he's hardly even noticeable to many people anymore. While he felt he was doing the right thing, it pained him to do so and the pain is doubling up inside of him, eating away at his feelings and sense of self worth. Read More... //

Dragon Crisis! Episode #11 - Review

There's something to be said for the cuteness in the relationship between Rose and Ryuji since they're both young and decidedly unsure of themselves. With the coming of age ritual having been dealt with, and it being something meaningful if short and sweet, there's a bit of a different kind of tension between the two now since they're not sure how to act around each other. Like any good kids though, they go to their friends for advice and help with it. Of course, explaining it to the friends is a little difficult for Rose since she ends up making it seem like even more than it is, at least to her classmates, who think they've gone all the way. For Ryuji, it's actually more amusing because his friend finds out that even though he's basically the leading guy in a harem anime, he has the same kind of confusion and uncertainty that almost all boys their age share. Read More... //

Dragon Crisis! Episode #10 - Review

Dragon Crisis decides to go initially for something of a light mood as Ryuji and the girls all head off to the mountains in order to enjoy some camping. It's definitely good to get away once in awhile and considering all that's happened as of late, and with the recent in-the-painting storyline that was pretty horror driven in its own way, going to get away a bit definitely makes a whole lot of sense. Though it's also easy to believe that Eriko wants to do that just so she can sit by the lake and drink bear. Hopes for a quiet trip are pretty quickly dashed through when a blue haired young dragon woman arrives named Sapphie. She's come for revenge as it turns out she's the fiancé to Onyx, who has been dealt with previously. Read More.... //

Dragon Crisis! Episode #09 - Review

Ryuji's life is one that is definitely fraught with problems. Take the start of this episode alone, where he's spending the morning with his dragon, Rose, while Eriko spends her time sleeping in. In the middle of this, the Society delivers a package for Eriko to appraise, something she doesn't like to do but does once in awhile. And as this unfolds, unwrapping it to reveal a rather strikingly beautiful painting, two girls arrive at his door with baskets of baked goods to see him and are shocked when they both realize they're there for the same guy. If Ryuji was smart, he wouldn't have buzzed them in since nothing is going to go right at this point no matter how you slice it. Read More... //

Dragon Crisis! Episode #08- Review

With things having settled down at least a little, Eriko is trying to put some semblance of normalcy into not only Ryuji's life but also Rose's. And nothing says normal like going to school, so she manages to get her enrolled through a bit of luck associated with the Society itself. It's not something that will go well though since Rose isn't exactly a wallflower and a cute blonde girl will stand out big time in a place like this. To make matters worse, during the introductions she basically exposes her love for Ryuji in a profound way which sets everyone abuzz with what's going on as well as some potential jealousies and the like. Read More.. //

Dragon Crisis! Episode #07- Review

The introduction of Ai was one of the more awkward aspects of the series so far as it felt like a kind of jerky way to bring her into play as the flow it wasn't all that smooth. With her now back with her master, Ryuji in his power, she's spending some time looking for his approval and trying out the Lost Precious that she gained from Eriko. It's an interesting one that allows you to read a persons thoughts, but it's something that may not have been the best thing for her to get a hold of as she hears the intentional thoughts in her masters head. They're brutal thoughts that make it quite clear what he thinks of her and how he's used and abused her over all these years as well. It's an understandably difficult moment for Ai and her reactions are honest enough if simple, but the reasons why he lets her in on this are anything but. Read More... //

Dragon Crisis! Episode #06 - Review

Dragon Crisis has had an interesting run over its first five episodes where it's not exactly uneven, but it doesn't follow a lot of the standard story structures that we see. It's introduced a fair bit of variety and surprise to events as you can't be sure exactly where it will go, especially with how it seemed to have an big event happen so early on that felt more like it belonged at the end of a thirteen episode season instead of the third episode. With the previous storyline done and thing settling into place again, Ryuji finds himself at a swanky society party where there's some perks, such as Rose all dolled up, but also a fair amount of chaos when a wolf girl shows up and throws everything into a mess. For Ryuji, he's uncertain what all this is happening and keeps most of his concern to Rose since the two are growing so much closer. Read More... //

Dragon Crisis! Episode #05 - Review

Maruga's story from the previous episode gets a bit more complicated as she reveals how her father killed her uncle while taking on human form and that colors the story that George has told of the legendary hero quite a lot. The details always seem to do that. This revelation has reinforced his desire to get the Lost Precious and reveals another intriguing aspect of Ryuji's past that hasn't been touch on in that he was once possessed by a Lost Precious. We see it only briefly as a flashback with the mask on the wall but it gives us yet another clue of just how unusual his life has been which makes his being involved with a dragon like Rose all the more possible. His simple and ordinary life was likely never actually that.   While there's a good bit of dialogue and exposition throughout the episode, and the fun at the beach at first, it's the last quarter that's given over largely to the action and serious dramatic moments. Rose making her own move to deal with George with the revelation that she's a dragon is a surprise since it has him ready to take her down because of the past history with it. Ryuji and Eriko racing there to stop events from spiraling out of control isn't a surprise, but it's well animated and adds nicely to the tension as everyone gets together to try and stop it all from going badly. Seeing George go over the edge and getting the connection to Ryuji's past with the Lost Precious helps to bring it all home nicely and with the intensity of the battle it all comes full circle in just the right way. Read More... //

Dragon Crisis! Episode #04 - Review

Considering how serious the show got, some levity is definitely in order, though they have to walk a bit of a careful balance with Rose in that you don't want to make her too appetizing since she's so young. But what is made clear here is that while we thought of Rose as young based on the clothes she wore and her personality, she's definitely older in real form than we thought based on the bathing suit she wears. It's actually nice to make her a bit older than expected since it makes the whole relationship just a bit less creepy. That Rose is kept to very child-like outfits is a problem in and of itself, but having her be older than that helps to mitigate it. Naturally, any time spent on vacation is going to be disturbed and the main trio finds themselves wrapped p in a request for help from someone sending a letter with a dragon stamp on it. Read More... //

Dragon Crisis! Episode #03 - Review

One of the basics of what's going on, at least in the explanations from the black dragon named Onyx, is that humans and dragons cannot coexist together so her ideal time spent with him is something that she shouldn't be latching onto. Onyx's confidence is intriguing to watch since he does it in a very calm and friendly way, which runs nicely parallel to what Ryuji is doing in that he's essentially storming the tower that she's being kept in. Ryuji takes very quickly to the strong lead role here, too much so in a way, once he gets the proper blade and is pointed in the right direction. It's definitely welcome to not see him go through a whole lot of cowardly moments and gnashing of the teeth, but he does go perhaps just a bit too far in the opposite direction for realities sake. At the least, you can believe that the special blade he has is giving him some added confidence and is encouraging him in its own way. Read More... //