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Recap Drop Dead Diva: Season 1, Episode 12 - Dead Model Walking

It's time for a showdown of the utmost importance. A battle of wills that will decide someone's future. The tension is palpable as Kim and Jane square off to determine who will make more coffee. After that great random opening, we're onto the real business: a model Deb loved named Kristy Talbot is being held at a department store for assaulting a clerk, and has called Parker for representation. Jane forces her way onto the case along with Parker and Kim, but after praising Kristy and nonchalantly getting her off the hook with the store, becomes Kristy's sole counsel. In response, Kim starts quacking. Because, she says, Jane is like a duck, all innocent above the water yet churning underneath. Jane better start churning fast, because her client just got accused of murdering her husband, Donald Spanger. Donald, a billionaire being investigated for a Ponzi scheme, had disappeared but his body was just found. Jane is convinced that her client is innocent, because she's not that good of an actress, but is thrown for a loop when the opposing counsel presents a fake passport that 'proves' she meant to flee. Kristy tells Jane privately that the name and age on the passport are real - it's her current identity that is stolen, from a deceased cousin, so that she could make it as a model. But, in a Legally-Blonde-esque twist, Kristy does not want this to come to light and begs Jane to defend her some other way. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now