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Drop Dead Diva “Pick’s and Pakes” Season 4 Episode 12

Drop Dead Diva  "Pick’s and Pakes" Season 4 Episode 12  airs Sunday August 26 at 9/8c. Episode Synopsis : Jane becomes an Internet  sensation when she accidentally gives Nancy Grace a black eye on live television in front her idol Lawrence Brand, a hotshot lawyer known for his silver tongue. Stacy finds her business in jeopardy when one of her customers, Jonah (Cameron Mathison), claims he is the patent owner of the Pake. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/08/26/drop-dead-diva-picks-and-pakes-season-4-episode-12/  

Drop Dead Diva Bosses and Guest Star Talk About Tonight’s Controversial Topic

A very powerful episode of  Drop Dead Diva  will feature Tyler Jacob Moore as Dan Abraham, a gay male who is arrested for donating his sperm due to the 2005 California law  prohibiting gay men from donating. During a recent conference call,  TV Equals  learned from Moore and  Drop Dead Diva  executive producers Josh Berman and Craig Zadan about Moore’s character and the importance of the episode. What made Moore take the role Moore wanted to be a part of the episode after he read the script . "I mean, as an actor you sadly read a lot of crap out there.[W]hen I read the script for this initially, it’s always refreshing to read something that is actually in general, you know, the writing as well is well-crafted. But then on top of that, to read something that is actually.fun and can be fun and silly but it’s trying to say something, kind of like, you know, a spoonful of sugar for the masses. And I think that this episode did that with the issue of gay men not being able to donate sperm," said Moore. "I immediately wanted to commend [Berman and Zadan] and do this role. And I thought, you know, I could play – I could be this man pretty easily just on the idea that, you know, not know that this is a law and being kind of shocked by the whole process. [T]he character goes along just kind of being flabbergasted by the fact that we still have these types of laws on the books." Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/08/19/drop-dead-diva-bosses-and-guest-star-talk-about-tonights-controversial-topic/  

Kim Kardashian in jail on 'Drop Dead Diva'

Is Kim Kardashian the latest celeb to find herself behind bars? Sort of. Kardashian herself isn't on the wrong side of the law but her character on an upcoming episode of Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva" is.In the Aug. 26 episode, Nikki LePree (Kardashian), the relationship guru with a criminal past, will find herself donning prison orange. During LePree's last appearance on the show, she swindled Stacy Pakery (April Bowlby) out of all of her money before skipping town. But now LePree is behind bars thanks to too many parking tickets. "She knew her lines; she came very prepared," series regular Brooke Elliott tells Us Weekly of Kardashian. "She was very kind and low-maintenance."Nancy Grace also guests in the episode as herself.... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/08/kim-kardashian-in-jail-on-drop-dead-diva.html

Drop Dead Diva Exclusive: Real Jane Makes a Shocking Return in Season Finale

Jane Bingum — the real one — will return in the season finale of Drop Dead Diva ! The real Jane ( Brooke Elliott ) was last seen in the series premiere, in which she took a bullet for Parker ( Josh Stamberg ). At the same time, Deb (then portrayed by Brooke D'Orsay ) died in a car accident. When Deb got to heaven, she pressed the "return" button on Fred's ( Ben Feldman ) keyboard and came back to Earth in the only body available: Jane's. Now, in the Season 4 finale, we'll find out where real Jane has been all this time. "Since day one of Drop Dead Diva , viewers have been asking me what happened...  //www.tvguide.com/News/Drop-Dead-Diva-Season-Finale-Spoilers-1051803.aspx?rss=breakingnews