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Duck Dynasty 6.09 Review: “Lake Boss”

In this week’s season finale of A&E’s reality series,  Duck Dynasty , it successfully showcased all of it’s attributes that have attracted its fans over its six season run. It had humor, redneck tomfoolery, and family love. What’s not to love? This week, Willie’s birthday was impending and Jase decided that they’d surprise him with a family trip to the lake. While Jase’s surprises often fell flat (oddly not “surprising”), there was at least one that was way better than the others. I won’t spoil it for you, you’ll just have to check it out yourself.  But it was awesome! Plus, it made for a great family vacation. What’s not to love? Read More... //

Duck Dynasty 6.08 Review: “Return of the Beavers”

Have I mentioned to you how much I love Phil Robertson? I’m sure I have. This week’s  Duck Dynasty   may have contained one of my favorite Phil Robertson moments yet. So the Duck Commander office is business as usual (no one’s doing anything) and Phil walks in. Everyone immediately stops what they’re doing and stares at Phil, who stares back (I can’t actually tell, because he’s always wearing sunglasses). It was a powerful moment and yet hilarious, because they’re all scared of him. Phil was holding a bag of beaver dung and wanted to hunt down the beavers, so he enlisted Jase, Jep, Si, and John Luke to go on a beaver hunt. I wont’ spoil it for you, but several sticks of dynamite, Si quotes,  and jars of napalm later: Boom go the beavers. Read More... //

Duck Dynasty 6.07 Review: “Men Vs. Wild”

Duck Dynasty   has finally begun to reach the level that it attained in its early years of greatness. After a bit of a rut in early season six, The Robertson clan has really begun to step things up as of late. Each episode they’ve put forth in the back half of season six is entertaining, fun, hilarious, and heartwarming. You can’t really go wrong with life lessons from the Robertsons. This week featured brotherly competition at its finest. Willie and Jase grew weary of losing to Alan and Jep at badminton during a family picnic. So they challenged them to a wilderness competition. They’re both dropped off in the woods (by Phil and Si) and the first pair to make it back to Phil’s house wins. Predictably, Jase tries to take a shortcut and ends up taking them through a river (I had flashbacks to the Oregon Trail) and they fall once again to their older and younger brothers (Alan is the oldest and Jep is the youngest). Alan and Jep simply found their way back to a road and hitchhiked back, while Willie and Jase (as per usual) made things to difficult. Read more... //

Duck Dynasty 6.06 Review: “De-Bug Life”

Well,  Duck Dynasty  has to receive some kind of medal for the remarkable level of consistency it has achieved over 6 seasons. Despite the recent snub in the Emmy nominations ( Wahlburgers?  Really?) the  Duck Dynasty  crew delivered yet another strong episode this week. Of course there is a standard of quality we fans expect, but they almost always deliver. In one story: Jase and the boys go searching for crawdads in one of their duck blinds, only to find a gator (just a small one, but it makes no difference to Godwin) and a LOT of bugs. So, it’s time to have the annual cleaning of the duck blinds. Cleaning the duck blinds is like their version of paperwork, according to Jase. I’d have to agree, because it did NOT look fun. Before long, however, Jase gets sidetracked into his vendetta against ants (after recanting a traumatic childhood experience involving Miss Kay and a muffin party), and tears down half the forest. Phil is not the least bit amused by this, but when they decide to move the duck blind, he decides he can live with it. Highlights of this poltline: Godwin eats an old jar of pickles they find in the blind, and Godwin throws up later. Read More... //

Duck Dynasty Recap: A Brand of Brothers

The men were all business on  Duck Dynasty Season 6 Episode 5 . Or all  about  the business, we should say. Willie wanted to update the Duck Commander logo, which has been in the family for four decades. Jase didn’t see a need to fix something that wasn’t broken… and/or he always make an effort to take the opposite side from Willie. In order to show Willie's high-priced brand consultant up, Jase had the warehouse guys to doodle around and make a new logo because, hey, "anyone can make a new logo." Read More... //

Duck Dynasty 6.05 Review: “Brand of Brothers”

This week’s  Duck Dynasty   involved the search for a new Duck Commander logo, and Phil helping his granddaughter with homework. Now, if that doesn’t sound fun to you, you can just get out. This week, we found Willie in the midst of a search for a new Duck Commander logo as a way to “re-brand” the ancient logo, so he hires a branding consultant, much to the chagrin of Jase. Jase thinks (and I can’t say that I disagree) that the branding consultant’s advice and logos were “stupid” and that he and the boys could do a better job. Now THAT is the fun part.  Jase and the boys all proceed to design their own logos, and get their own business cards printed up with brand new titles! They wanted business cards for the same reason Mitch Hedberg did…they want to win some lunches! Read More... //

Duck Dynasty 6.04 Review: “Quack Draft”

As always, our favorite duck calling guys had a lot of fun this week. This week’s episode of  Duck Dynasty   featured the dynamic of brotherly love between three brothers (just like my house growing up) and a slightly morbid and less interesting cemetery visit! This week, after a fundraiser for the West Monroe fire department, Willie, Jase and Jep decide to spend a day training to become firefighters, since they went to school with Chuckles, the fire captain. As you can imagine, this came with nothing but hilarity, and the Duck Commander employees should NOT ever be firefighters. Jase can’t use the hose, Jep couldn’t use the axe, and Willie is afraid of heights. And as Willie pointed out, rednecks are usually the ones starting the fires, so I doubt that will change anytime soon. Read More... //

Duck Dynasty 6.03 Review: “Hands on a Woodchipper”

Another week, another gut busting episode of everyone’s favorite sharp dressed men. The  Duck Dynasty  gang were at the top of their game this week, and good laughs were had by all. This week, Jep’s daughter (who is 11) has a “date” with a boy from school, and Jep and Jessica decide to chaperone said date to go putt-putt in the cold. Jep, as any father would, shudders at the thought of his daughter dating. And of course, with her being 11, who could blame him? Anyhow, Jep and Jessica play putt putt with the happy 11 year olds, and it turns out that the kid is “kinda nerdy” but he’s just as sweet as candy. He brought her a lily (her name is Lily) and everything, and turns out the kid also loves to hunt! Eventually (after beating him in putt putt), Jep concedes that he’s a nice kid and it’s okay to hang out with Lily. Say it with me! Awwwwwww! Read More... //

Duck Dynasty 6.02 Review: “Quack and Gown”

I had a really good time watching this episode of  Duck Dynasty . It was a great, fun episode with all of my favorite elements. In the main plot, Jase’s son, Reed Silas Robertson, was graduating from high school. Jase and Missy had a fight because Jase didn’t think that Reed needed to go to his graduation ceremony, while Missy (and everyone else) thinks that he should. Jase went frog-hunting instead of attending his own graduation ceremony, and compromises with Missy by taking Reed on a late-night frog hunt the night before his graduation. Willie and Si tag along, and it turns into a night of male bonding, wisdom imparting,  Si-isms, and catching a LOT of frogs. Read More... //

Duck Dynasty 6.01 Review: “Governor’s Travels”

I don’t know if you’ve missed the duck-calling, redneck Robertsons while the show has been on hiatus, but I sure have. The Robertsons have a sense of family and strength that is really important. I really enjoy watching their show because they set forth a good example to follow, and they always back up their talk with action.  Duck Dynasty   is always wholesome and entertaining, and that’s something I can get behind. Now that I’m off my soapbox, let’s talk about this week’s episode, shall we? Read More... //