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Durarara!! - Season 1 - Episode 16 - Review: "Mutual Love "

Unsurprisingly, the events of the previous episode get spun out in a more connected form with this episode. A lot of the last episode was mildly dull at best because it felt like a recap of sorts as we followed the reporter, Niekawa, as he went about town exposing himself to various dangers and personalities. It served fairly well to acquaint newer viewers with what's going on and touch on the town itself a bit after all the changes in the last several months since Celty revealed herself. Overall though, it wasn't until the end that we saw Niekawa take on the role of the Slasher, possessed as he was, as he went aft Anri. It was pretty much a given that we'd see his daughter at some point since he chose to mention her, but after Niekawa was taken care of by those who came to Anri's defense, it's certainly a surprise to see Niekawa's daughter arrive so soon. She pretty much followed Anri home and knocked on her door, allowing herself in. What makes it all a concern is that Haruna has the same look as her father, but not in quite the same Slasher possessed way. She's intense though, angry and intent on using that to gain her revenge on Anri so that she can love all of humanity. Saika's possession of Haruna, or Haruna's nature that allowed herself to be taken over, has put Anri in quite a lot of trouble. Read More Click Me