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Durarara!! - Season 1 - Episode 19 - Review: "The Blue Sky Perishes"

This part of the series has seen a lot of things going on since we understood what the Dollars are all about. As we've understood more about Celty, seen the rise of the Yellow Scarves and understood their origins and then dealt with the Slasher and a whole lot of background with Anri, Durarara!! has covered a whole lot of ground. I still feel that this half of the series has lots some of its energy and focus, but there's still a lot of fun to be had as we see various ties slowly coming together that weren't all that apparent at first, such as what we got about Izaya recently and some of the things he's been up to over the years. Kida's past was certainly unexpected, even after all the things we learned about Mikado at the halfway mark of the show. Since learning about that, his mood is continuing to change little bit little as you can see him acting more boldly and loudly than he was before, which is a surefire sign that something's wrong. Even Anri, who hasn't been all that aware of other people for so long because of her own issues has noticed this and is concerned about him. It's a difficult thing for her to grapple with since she's been so self involved for so long and has let her problems and issues dominate her that she's uncertain of how to help him, especially since Kida is someone who has such a problem himself. The narration for it gets a bit heavy handed at times, but it's a decent approach to getting it out there without hearing her inner monologue and it come across as too self pitying. Read More Click Me!