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Durara - Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: ''Fleeting Shifts and Changes"

As Durarara!! plugs along, it's interesting to see how tight each of the individual character episodes are and the way they interlock with everything else, tying back to previous events and strengthening relationships. After watching Baccano, I can't say I was surprised by this as it seems to be a particular specialty of the creator, but seeing it all come together is still very engaging and fascinating to watch. That it looks so spectacular and has the right kind of sense of humor and seriousness makes it all the more enjoyable. The seventh episode plays a little more towards the humorous side but with a serious bent to it as Shizuo is given his time to shine. He's been very fun to watch in the bits we've seen him in so far as he stalks across Ikebukuro in his bartender outfit and occasionally doling out massive amounts of violence upon people who deserve. He's also got a very acrimonious relationship with Izaya as he keeps trying to throw him out of Ikebukuro with a vengeance. This kind of activity seems to be getting stronger later, something that his partner Tom even acknowledges and Shizuo isn't sure why he's getting like this, especially as he continually reminds us that he despises violence but can't help but go that route when it's necessary in a situation. Read More Click Me!