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Review: Kenny Powers sticks the landing and says goodbye in final 'Eastbound & Down'

'Eastbound & Down' was a small, under-the-radar comedy experiment when it premiered, and now that the final season has come to a close, we look back at what the deranged saga of Kenny Powers adds up to, and how well they pulled off their conclusion.  Read More... //

Eastbound & Down Series Finale Recap: Our Journey Ends Here

So, This Is It. For realsies this time. Forever. And for an episode that would otherwise be a conventional, solid end to the most sentimental season of this whole raunchy-as-fuck, odd series, the last five minutes are really what made it shine. Specifically, an already-polarizing-just-check-Twitter- Six Feet Under -on-crank flash forward that actually made me cry a tiny bit. Don’t tell anybody. But, in true KP fashion, I’m getting ahead of myself.   Consider when Kenny first arrived in Shelby: A true think-for-yourselfer, high on coke half the time, who eschewed the Everyman goals between the super short-term (“touch April’s titties”) and Big Life Plans (“become rich and famous”). Over the course of three seasons, as Kenny experienced gains, losses, the deaths of loved ones, and the ever-awful realization that you’re becoming the parent you dislike more, and banged that Mexican woman who only sang Bob Seger covers ('memba her?), we’ve seen him going through two-steps-forward, one-step-back emotional growth. Sure, he learned lessons. But he always conveniently forgot them again the second he got a new gig, a fresh start.  Read More... //

Eastbound & Down Series Finale Review: The End, Right?

Eastbound & Down (probably) concluded its four-year run with a familiar-but-satisfying reconciliation and a bonkers coda.  Read More... //

Eastbound & Down Recap: What Christmas Is About

A Christmas episode, even a slightly off-season one, dovetails quite nicely with this season’s themes — when the idea of providing for your family actually ends up eclipsing your family. Lord knows Kenny doesn’t know where one ends and the other begins. Since the last episode, when he left April and the kids, he’s descended into the hedonistic luxe bachelor life he’d been aspiring to since season one, having sex with women up against the all-glass walls of his hotel room and then snorting some coke in the shape of a Christmas tree. Meanwhile, Stevie got that chin implant and looks like a twin that Kyle McLachlan absorbed in utero.   Read More... //

Review: Kenny Powers reaches the heart of darkness on this week's 'Eastbound'

Kenny Powers has been a wild ride this season on 'Eastbound & Down,' but the penultimate episode of the show pushes him to the darkest place yet, and it's unclear whether Kenny's going to be able to pull it out of this self-destructive spiral or not.  Read More... //

Review: Kenny Powers burns it all down in this week's electrifying 'Eastbound'

Kenny Powers reaches several crossroads, both personal and professional, in what is easily the most incendiary 'Eastbound & Down' episode so far this year, and we're not sure how the character rebounds from this.  Read More... //

Eastbound & Down Recap: Hot Mic

  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. From the second Guy Young fires a sweet old janitor in the cold open for laughing at a bit of Kenny’s (“He’s one of those stupid white people who just says shit”), flashing a maniacal smile the moment before the title card appears, it was clear this episode would be rough.   “Yeah, I can fuckin’ break shit too!” April shrieks at Kenny during the inevitable marriage-ending showdown. She’s referring to a plate, but it could also be a response to his continued insistence that she has no right to leave him because he’s rich and successful and takes her on whirlwind lobster-and-opera date nights with Blackie (his AmEx Black). “Divorce is for losers, April,” he tells her. “We’re not losers.” Of course, he isn’t willing to go any deeper than showy gifts and last-minute parties to fix their marriage — she’s the one who knew it had to be repaired it from the inside out and was the one who was willing to put in the time and effort.  Read More... //

Eastbound & Down Recap: Not Everyone Can Fly

  In this episode, Hyde Kenny — career over family, fame over reality — comes out in full-force. Or, I should say, leans in. Not to overanalyze this, but while the Having It All conundrum’s being beaten to death in trend pieces, romantic comedies, and much of the current women’s nonfiction sphere, it’s generally contextualized as a ladies' only problem. It’s kind of refreshing that Eastbound & Down’s broaching the issue in its own stylized, over-the-top, gross-out male way.  Read More... //

Eastbound & Down Recap: Best Friends Are Dope

  In addition to its quest to offend every possible creed, color, or sexual orientation, Eastbound & Down has always been concerned with what truly makes a man. Is it walking up to a wolf you got on Craigslist and chained up in your garage and feeding it a cut of Shop-Rite meat? Is it having an awesome car and blinding white suits? Is it being able to get it up? Or is it being a stable, reliable suburban husband able to tune out his own low-level depression whose wife says stuff like, “We have to stop at the gas station, I’m all out of pads”?  Read More... //

Review: Kenny faces temptation in this week's 'Eastbound & Down'

Kenny Powers may have had a major moment at the end of the second episode of this year's 'Eastbound & Down,' but he is tempted sorely on this week's installment. Is this all really an unflinching look at what happens when someone is addicted to fame?  Read More... //