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CW Cancels Sunday Slate, Fills Gap with Jericho Repeats

Valentine fans may now suffer broken hearts, but fighters for Jericho can rejoice in reruns. The CW is saying good-bye to its Sunday-night buy-time deal with Media Rights Capital, and welcoming back Jericho to help fill the sudden void. One source says that The CW nixed the agreement after MRC fell behind on payments, while another insider denies the allegation, Variety reports. A spokesman for MRC said that the two companies may bring back the programming block at a later point, once the content, financials and timing are worked out. That the block got the chop already isn't surprising in light of ratings. The MRC slot, which included newbies Valentine and Easy Money , saw on average 1.04 million viewers weekly - a 42 percent drop from the same time last year. The two shows were put on hiatus in October, with plans for In Harm's Way and 4Real unclear. Along with Jericho , The CW plans to plug in series such as Season 1 eps of Everybody Hates Chris , The Drew Carey Show and weekly movies from MGM. The new block will begin November 30. Source: TvGuide

CW + MRC = Failure (+ Jericho Reruns)

The CW has just sent a little Valentine over to Media Rights Capital. Because the relationship brought neither party any Easy Money , the partnership is In Harm's Way . In short: "The CW has terminated its Sunday night time-buy deal with Media Rights Capital." Variety Says The CW: "The MRC shows are simply not working. To that end, we have made a business and programming decision to protect our network and your local interests on Sunday for the remainder of the season." Both Easy Money and Valentine were already canceled and no longer producing new episodes and frankly, I'm not even sure what happened to In Harm's Way . Beginning next Sunday (November 30), no MRC shows will air on the network. The CW will fill their Sunday evenings (beginning at 6PM) with reruns of Everybody Hates Chris , The Game , The Drew Carey Show and get this... Jericho (at 7PM). Movies will air in the 8PM block.

Not Easy or Sweet: Money and Valentine Canceled

Production had already been stopped on Easy Money and Valentine and now industry insiders have confirmed that Media Rights Capital (the independent company producing these two programs for The CW) has canceled these 2 series. It isn't yet known what will fill in for these timeslots on The CW 's Sunday evenings. Source: TV Week (last paragraph)

Production Shut Down on "Easy Money" and "Valentine"

MRC - Media Rights Capital - the independent producer who purchased The CW 's Sunday night block - has shut down production on two of the shows airing in that slot, Valentine and Easy Money . Both shows aired two episodes. Last night, Valentine averaged 1 million viewers and Easy Money (which is actually supposedly pretty good ) received only 750K. This is not a cancellation yet (it's a 4 to 6 week hiatus), but it probably may as well should be. Source: THR

3 New Series Debut Tonight on The CW

They haven't gotten all that much publicity, but don't forget that a few new series are premiering on The CW tonight. Starting off at 7PM is In Harm's Way . The show is basically Dirty Jobs for The CW , following people that guessed it...dangerous jobs. Tonight's episodes follow pro-bull riders and coast guard swimmers. Valentine premieres at 8PM starring the always likable Autumn Reeser ( The O.C. ) and Kristoffer Polaha (of the short-lived Miss/Guided from earlier this year). The show focuses on couples who have missed out on finding love and the Greek Gods that work to bring them together. Read a Valentine Review Lastly, at 9PM is Easy Money , focusing on a family that runs a quick-cash loan service in a small town. Read an Easy Money Review Don't forget that while these shows are airing on The CW , they are actually produced by Media Rights Captial, to whom the network has leased out their Sunday night block. Granted, this might not matter to you, but if you were wondering why the shows may feel slightly 'less CW' than the normal CW fare, you'll know why...