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Eden's Bowy Complete Series Review

Eden's Bowy is a series that certainly had a lot of promise being an older generation of series with the art with fantasy elements that definitely had my interest. However, a lot of problems occurred throughout which denied it to be what could have been a really good series. We are introduced to Yorn, a good old farmer's kid, living in a world where Edens have been created against the fury of God whose distrust of humans has taken a worse turn. The 'Edens' are two cybernetic floating continents, where everyone wishes to go there to live in comfort and luxury. They are Yulgaha, the more high-tech based relying on computers, and Yanuess, using more robotic technology. During one of his wistful moments wishing to get there, Yorn spots a pretty young girl who makes eye-contact with him, which makes an impression on him and can't get her out of his head. Suddenly, during night-time, two assassins from Yulgaha, a girl named Hairra with claws and a man named Witto, stealthily in the background, kill Yorn's father and are prepared to kill Yorn for no apparent reason. Suddenly, this same girl reveals herself to them and is able to bless Yorn's sword to become what is known as a God Hunter, revealing Yorn's has the powers to slay the gods if he chooses to do so. The main plot focuses on the girls appearance, her name being Elisiss and her transformed figure Seeda - from cute young girl to very attractive young woman - with the powers of a goddess - and an unnamed older man (his name is only ever revealed in the epilogue as Ulgardyne) who pretty much acts like Yorn's bodyguard as he's still not skilled enough with a sword to be aware and face the dangers that he could face. Both continents are after him, Yulgaha is led by a girl named Fenice, who has been told basically that they want the God Hunter killed (though she seems quite hesitant) by three fanatical priests and her unseen father, and on Yanuess side, we have Nyako, a catgirl type character who leads her incompetent robot guards Goldoh and Vilog (who provide most of the comic relief for the series) who want to capture the God Hunter to claim his power to help show themselves as the dominant Eden. The other side plots however involve the realisation that his mother who he had thought was dead all this years, was actually alive and known as the Goddess of Foresight (rescued by the same man now protecting Yorn) and the introduction of a rival God Hunter, Spike Randit, whose instinct is to kill all God Hunters no matter how he feels, and is seen as a token rival/opposite of Yorn, who is able to hold his instinct because of his feelings for Elisiss. To Read More Click Me!