El Hazard
Season 3

13 Episodes

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Season 3


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  • 13 episodes
    13 episodes
    • s3e13A Night of Captivation, Temptation, and Purification
    • s3e12The Accursed Gateway to Heaven
    • s3e11The Sealed Mistake
    • s3e10The Destined Rival, Encountered Once Again
    • s3e9The Sacred Law, Broken
    • s3e8The Voluptuous Trap
    • s3e7The Forbidden Labyrinth
    • s3e6Business is Booming for the Messenger of Love
    • s3e5Dream Open, Paradise in Heaven
    • s3e4The Sweet, White Trap Closes In
    • s3e3Two Celestial Maidens Descended from the Heavens
    • s3e2The Door to the Future Opens
    • s3e1The Disappearance of the Great Priestess of Water