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Screen Queens: Taraji P. Henson

When considering how to launch this new feature on TV's reigning queens, there were a few immediate candidates (whom we'll spotlight in the coming months). But one stood out above the rest: Taraji P. Henson. As Cookie Lyon, she is the empress of Empire , often tearing scenes apart with the intensity of a hurricane, but also showing off her remarkable range by pulling way back in quieter — yet equally impactful — moments. With a two-decade career in entertainment (including an Oscar nomination for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ), Henson's role on Empire wasn't her introduction to TV viewers. She's had several regular roles on both broadcast and cable series, and plenty of guest spots. Let's take a look back at the highlights.   The Beginning As she launched her career, Henson appeared in some of the best and worst the late '90s had to offer: In a 1997 episode of The Parent 'Hood (that also featured DA BRAT), Henson had no time for this boy's foolishness.   In a 1998 episode of Saved by the Bell: The New Class , Henson had no time for her friends' foolishness.   As an R.A. in a 1998 episode of Felicity , Henson had no time for Noel's foolishness.   Rite of Passage With 264 episodes over 12 seasons, plus a handful of TV movies, dozens of high-profile actors and future stars visited Cabot Cove. Henson just made it into the mix in the third of the post-series TV movies, 2001's The Last Free Man . In it, Angela Lansbury and Phylicia Rashad investigate the case of a slave accused of murdering a plantation owner in the 1860s. Lansbury plays both Jessica and her own distant relative. Henson shows up as the accused man's secret wife. It's… a lot.   Law and Order Henson's first major TV role came in The Division , a very Lifetime series that was heralded at the time as a comeback vehicle for Facts of Life 's Nancy McKeon. But the crime drama also starred Parenthood matriarch Bonnie Bedelia, Felicity alum Amy Jo Johnson, and, as the token dude, a charismatic young actor named Jon Hamm. Henson was a main cast member during the second, third, and fourth seasons, through 2004.   Continuing his Boston-based legal franchise, super producer David E. Kelley launched Boston Legal in 2004. A spinoff of The Practice , the ABC series starred James Spader, Candice Bergen, William Shatner, and for its fourth season, Henson as Whitney Rome. Her first case at the firm was a custody battle over a nine-year-old bullfighter... because David E. Kelly.   In 2008, Henson joined the cast of Greg Berlanti's underrated legal dramedy Eli Stone as Angela, Patti's daughter. In the scene above, Henson goes head to head with the incredible Loretta Devine.   From 2011 to 2013, Henson co-starred as Detective Jocelyn Carter in the CBS drama Person of Interest . She left after the third season in one of those big TV shockers, but returned as a very special — and surprising — guest star during the fourth season.   Taking the Throne And now we come to Empire . Cookie Lyon is the role of a lifetime, the biggest draw on 2015's most popular new series. And with that popularity came critical acclaim. Henson has earned two consecutive Emmy nominations, a Golden Globe, and a Critics' Choice Award, among others. This year, TIME named her to its 100 Most Influential People list, a few months after declaring Cookie the most influential fictional character of 2015. As fierce and fabulous as Cookie is, Henson manages to ground her character in truth. It's an exceptional, multilayered performance, at times funny, terrifying, and touching. All hail the queen.   Who's your screen queen? Let us know in the comments below! p { text-align: justify; }

Eli Stone: The Future Revealed - Featured

Just over a month ago, the dearly departed Eli Stone aired its series finale after months of being on hiatus. Fans got to say goodbye to the show, while learning that Eli (Jonny Lee Miller) and Maggie (Julie Gonzalo) got their happy ending and Wethersby Stone was safe from foreclosure. We've since learned that this fairy-tale ending is not the case. We caught up with executive producer and creator Marc Guggenheim, who spilled the complete future for Eli and the gang, which was especially easy since they had scripted four episodes past the series finale. Since those episodes are not airing, we thought Eli fans might want to know what would've happened. For true fans, some of the following will shock you. Some of your favorite couples don't end up getting their happily ever after, while one new couple--that will leave your jaw on the floor--does. You also may be surprised by who might've played Taylor's (Natasha Henstridge) mother. Be prepared... Eli and Maggie: "The idea was going to be that Eli starts dating Maggie, and then just as things are going really great, there's a knock on the door. He opens the door to his apartment and there's Grace (Katie Holmes), who is back in town." Eli Ends Up With Grace? "We didn't know whether or not he would end up with Grace. Obviously had we gone to series, it would've been difficult for him to end up with Grace because we didn't have Katie Holmes on a weekly basis. But we thought it would be nice to bring her back for an episode, and she was game. We wanted to end the season with her." Maggie and...Nate?! "Maggie and Eli don't end up together. Maggie and Nate [Matt Letscher] end up together. In episode 11 of season one, when you saw Eli 40 years in the future in Times Square, the baby that Maggie is holding is her baby, but it's with Nate. We were going to revisit that flash-forward and return to Times Square. You would see that Nate arrived late, and as Eli took the stage, he was going to push his way through the throng of people to meet up with Maggie." Dr. Chen and Nate: "They were going to go into practice together. We had Nate lose his job at the hospital and eventually Nate and Chen [James Saito] were going to open up an Eastern and Western medicine practice. It was going to be like The Odd Couple." Matt and Taylor: "They were going to get married. Taylor would eventually have their baby. Matt [Sam Jaeger] was going to be the surprisingly good father. Taylor would find it difficult to balance work and motherhood, but Matt would show a surprising ability for being a dad." Read More: E!Online - Eli Stone: The Future Revealed

Weekend TV: Premieres/Returns/Finales - Featured

Finally...a summer weekend with a decent sampling of TV to watch! Image from Drop Dead Diva, courtesy of SciFiWire In addition to Sunday's True Blood goodness (after a one week hiatus), we have quite a few premieres/returns/finales this weekend that we wanted to remind you all to watch, including: Friday Eureka returns (finally!) on SyFy at 9PM Saturday Harper's Island series finale on CBS at 9PM (2 episodes) Eli Stone series finale on ABC at 10PM Sunday TV Movie Meteor on NBC at 9PM Law & Order: Criminal Intent on USA at 9PM (returns after a 2 week hiatus) Drop Dead Diva series premiere on Lifetime at 9PM Entourage season premiere on HBO at 10:30PM What will you be watching?

Calendar Reminder: Eli Stone's Final Episodes on ABC - Featured

Though the cancellation of Eli Stone received less outcry from SideReel fans then the likes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles , Reaper or Kyle XY , for me, the loss of Eli Stone was crushing. There are so many legal shows on TV these days, and I thought this one still managed to stand out from the crowd; it was unique, thoughtful and touching. So...while it is of little consolation, I am still happy that the final 4 episodes filmed of the series will be airing Saturday nights on ABC beginning tomorrow night at 10PM. An executive producer on the series has said regarding these final episodes: "I have to say these four are among my favorite of the whole series run, quite frankly. I just feel like, ironically, we ended up getting canceled right around the time we were really hitting on all cylinders." Read more about the final episodes on SciFiWire: The final 4 Eli Stone episodes begin Saturday; here's an exclusive sneak peek

'Entourage' Adds Three Guest Stars to Season 6 - Featured

Despite the recession, " Entourage " is not planning a shortage of guest stars when it enters the sixth season next month. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Matt Letscher, William Fichtner and Scott Caan will be involved in a multi-episode arc. Letscher plays a character named Dan Coakley who is described as handsome but arrogant TV studio executive who oversees Johnny Drama's TV series. The actor may be familiar as Nathan Stone on ABC's " Eli Stone " before the show got canceled. Meanwhile, Fichtner aka the Alexander Mahone of " Prison Break ", will play a slick TV producer named Phil Yagoda. His character had a hit teen series in the 1990s and is trying to remake it with Drama. For Caan, this would be one of his early TV appearances. The actor who is known to play Turk Malloy in "Ocean's Eleven" and its two sequels, will take the role of Scotty Lavin. Scotty is a "cocky and highly competitive manager who acts tough and trash talks to cover up how insecure he is" and he sees Eric Murphy as a threat. The sixth season of the HBO drama premieres July 12. Beside the new additions, the new chapter will bring in a bunch of guest stars playing themselves such as Lil Wayne, Tom Brady, Zac Efron, Aaron Sorkin and LeBron James. Meanwhile, Gary Cole, Autumn Reeser and Kate Mara will play as agents and assistants to the boys. Source Here Related Stories: Zac Efron Joins Entourage Spike Acquires 'Entourage' Entourage News: 24 Alumna Clocks In as E's Assistant

Final Episodes of Daisies, Stone and Money Will Air - Featured

We announced recently that ABC would finally be airing the remaining Pushing Daisies episodes on Saturday nights at 9PM beginning May 30th. Good news, you thought, but what about Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money ? Wait no longer...ABC has finally set return dates for those two shows as well. Eli Stone air on Saturday nights at 10PM from June 20th through July 11th. 4 episodes remain. Dirty Sexy Money will air in the same timeslot from July 18th through August 8th. 4 episodes remain as well. So...not exactly a primetime slot...but isn't it great that we will get to finally see the remaining episodes of each of these beloved series? Source: TV Guide

Final Pushing Daisies Eps Get ABC Airdate! - Featured

Multiple sources have confirmed that ABC has finally done as promised, and set airdates for the remaining 3 episodes of Pushing Daisies . It's not the most glamorous timeslot, but beginning Saturday May 30th, one episode will air each week at 10PM. The second season will also get a DVD release on July 21st. We will take it! So ABC, will you do the same for Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money ? Source: Zap2it

Pilot News: Everwood Alum, Others Join Shonda Rhimes Show

Three more actors are heading Inside the Box, the ABC pilot penned by Richard Robbins and exec-produced by Grey's Anatomy 's Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers. Set at a Washington network news bureau and revolving around Caroline, an ambitious female reporter, Inside the Box will feature Everwood alum (and recent Private Practice guest star) Sarah Drew as an entry-level employee, while Jason George ( Eli Stone ) has been cast as an on-camera correspondent. Additionally, Brit Lloyd Owen (Viva Laughlin) has landed the role of the retiring bureau chief's replacement, says the Hollywood Reporter. As previously announced, New Zealander Martin Henderson has been tapped for the male lead, playing the "McDreamy" to the as-yet-uncast Caroline. Source here

Featured Cancellation Buzz: Save Eli Stone!

Eli Stone 's Status: Eli Stone , like its fellow lovable sophomore ABC shows, Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money , is canceled with a few unaired episodes produced, but not yet scheduled to air , if ever. It's never too late to revive a show, so Eli Stone fans you've gotta have faith (faith, faith!) and join your fellow Eli fans fighting to get those final episodes aired and hopefully to revive Eli for another season as well! Here's what you can do to help: Example: SideReel Page: Eli Stone Graphic: Sign the petition: Save Eli Stone Petition Join our Facebook Group and invite others to spread the love and keep up to date on Eli Stone's status: Save Eli Stone Facebook Group Mail (You've Gotta Have) Faith stones and letters to ABC: Eli Stone / ABC 500 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, CA 91521-4551 Email: ABC Contact Email Check out what else fans are doing: We'd love to hear about anything you do to help the campaign, so feel free to comment about any efforts you've made to inspire other fans to help too! Faith Stone image courtesy of

New Interviews with Marc Guggenheim

Don't give up hope on Eli Stone! Listen to the interview with Marc Guggenheim on There is also an exclusive interview with Guggenheim published on the "Safe Eli Stone" site: Keep on visiting this website to get more information on the campaign.