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Emily Owens, MD Season 1 Review “Emily and the Leap” – Out with a Bang and a Whimper

We should have expected that "Emily and the Leap," this week’s (and the supposedly final) episode of Emily Owens, MD  would leave us on a cliffhanger…but did it have to be such an evil one? And what is up with the CW calling it a ‘season finale’? Does this mean they’re going to give the show another shot? Or are they just trying to spare themselves from an internet campaign by being vague enough to give us hope? Regardless, this was probably the last hour we will ever spend with Emily and company, so let me just jump right in by saying…WTF? How could they leave us there?? They knew weeks ago that the show was canceled; why punish the people who stuck with it by ending the series with Emily falling into bed with Will after deciding to pursue a relationship with Micah? Everything we came to love about the quirky blonde girl was destroyed in that moment and she became just another chick who picks the hot guy who rejected her over the sweet guy who always put her first. READ MORE...

Emily Owens, MD Season 1 Review “Emily and the Perfect Storm” – The Life Chaotic

This week’s  Emily Owens, MD , "Emily and the Perfect Storm," got me. It was one of those great examples of what a medical drama can really be when even the smallest amount of true emotion is put into the script  and the performances. I know I’m not alone in  my feelings about this show, and thank you all so much for speaking up in support of it, but we have come down to the  final two episodes. So…thank whoever is listening that we at least got to see Micah kiss Emily!! Oh, and we also got to see Cassandra totally dump Will for being friends with Emily and for not, I don’t know, ignoring every other woman in his life? That’s what it sounded like to me. He picked her over Emily (several times, as I recall), but that wasn’t good enough. Whether it’s a real victory like getting the research assistant position or a shallow one like Will being bothered when he found out Emily was over him, she just cannot stand Emily ever, ever winning, can she? READ MORE...

Emily Owens, MD Season 1 Review “Emily and the Teapot” – Clinical Woes

I wish the CW could see how many loyal viewers are totally disappointed  that we’re in the final three episodes of  Emily Owens, MD . My inbox blew up with comments supporting and mourning  the show, and I wonder if it will again after "Emily and the Teapot," this week’s episode. Sometimes it takes a hot minute for a show to gain a following, but these days, it’s all about instant gratification . I admit, I was ambivalent  about the show at first, but I have developed an interest in these characters, and I am crossing my fingers for some kind of satisfying resolution when the end comes two weeks from now. Being a hypochondriac, watching this show hasn’t always been good for my mental health, but I have admired the way the medical cases seamlessly blend into the personal lives of the doctors, this week in particular. That’s a sign of good writing, something this show has never lacked. I wish I knew why it didn’t catch a larger audience. READ MORE...

Emily Owens, MD Season 1 Review “Emily and the Social Experiment” – The Art of Flirting

It’s almost cruel to introduce new, interesting characters and plot twists after a show has been canceled. In this week’s  Emily Owens, MD , "Emily and the Social Experiment," we met Micah’s friend, Dr. AJ Aquino, back from a year-long absence after a mistake in the ER led to a public blow-up with Dr. Bandari. As we later found out, though, the bad blood between them was probably  a lot more personal. The main crux of the episode revolved around Emily trying to figure out if Will really had gotten jealous over her flirtation with Peanut Allergy  Guy in the last episode. Tyra encouraged her to try flirting  with other men in front of him, to gauge his reaction, but all it led to was Emily catching the eye of the hospital’s Lothario. As she pointed out, it wasn’t a fair test because Will, being her friend, would try to save her from the playboy even if he didn’t have any romantic feelings for her. READ MORE...

Emily Owens, MD Season 1 Review “Emily and the Love of LARPing” – Elves Need Love, Too

Although there’s something to be said for stability , no one  likes a rut. In this week’s (second) episode of  Emily Owens , MD , "Emily and the Love of LARPing" (and, yes, it is spelled that way, no matterwhat your  DVR might have said), our heroine got a little pressure from Cassandra and Tyra to break out of her own rut. In other words, they decided she needed to get laid. Isn’t that always other people’s answers to everyone’s problems? The problem is that Emily is still a little bit stuck on Will (and given his reaction to her red dress and the way she kissed another guy in it, he isn’t totally oblivious to her), and she has no idea that she’s meant to be with Micah. Fortunately, after losing a patient and getting sued by the patient’s daughter, Micah pulled his head out of his butt and realized that he couldn’t just ignore his feelings for Emily. What I love about Micah was that he did the most mature thing after that realization. He immediately sought out the OB/GYN doc he was seeing and gently ended the relationship. What I love even more is that he managed to not lie to her, but also had the good sense to leave Emily out of the conversation. Breaking up with someone is a balancing act in real life, and TV never, ever gets it right. People either lie about their reasons entirely or they tell the whole truth and nothing but, which only causes more damage. I am totally on Team Micah. READ MORE...

Emily Owens, MD Season 1 Review “Emily and the Car and the Cards” – Index versus iPhone

Cancelled, but not down!  Emily Owens, MD  trudged on this week with a surprise Saturday episode unfortunately titled "Emily Owens and the Car and the Cards." It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it? It’s the two uses of "and," in case you’re wondering. As for the episode, well…I wish I could say stuff happened, but Emily competed with Cassandra over study methods that really had more to do with Will than with any actual anxiety over a big test they were all set to take. You know…the usual. Meanwhile, Will was a jerk, both by choosing Cassandra’s method over Emily’s, but more so by berating a sick, scared patient who accidentally caused a crash that could have claimed his girlfriend’s life. Apparently Will lost a girlfriend in a similar accident and over-identified with the boy, to the point of taking out his own guilt on the kid. Read More... //

Emily Owens MD Season 1 Review “Emily and the Good and the Bad” – Happy Birthday, Baby

The titles of these episodes of  Emily Owens, MD  are kind of killing me. This week we were given "Emily and the Good and the Bad ," which might be nice and literal, but doesn’t exactly roll off  the tongue. It was Emily’s birthday…but it was also Cassandra’s. Having the misfortune to share a birthday with her nemesis, is it little wonder  that Emily didn’t want to celebrate? Will didn’t even know what day she was born after years of friendship. He only found out through Cassandra, who would have been quite happy being queen for the day all by herself. Another thing to add to my list of reasons to hate Cassandra; I love celebrating my birthday with my family and friends, but I hate women who expect the world to revolve around them once (or in the case of a former boss who had an immigration mix-up, twice) a year. Read More... //

Emily Owens, MD Season 1 Review “Emily and the Question of Faith” – The Best Intentions

There comes a point in every relationship where you realize that you cannot change the other person, no matter how badly they need to change. I arrived at that point with Emily in this week’s episode of Emily Owens, MD , "Emily and the Question of Faith ." I had to accept that  she will never really stand up for herself and that she will always give away too much of herself to people who have consistently tormented and betrayed her. Now that Cassandra  and Will are dating (or at least having sex), Emily found herself in several awkward, but not nearly as fun positions. Will wanted her and Cassandra to be friends, and of course Emily was willing to give it a shot because she’s a pacifist who lacks confrontational skills. It almost worked, too, until a vengeful Tyra made things even worse. Read More... //

Emily Owens, M.D. Review: You Gotta Have Faith

I've loved every episode of Emily Owens, M.D. so far for different reasons. For some, it's been the medical cases and watching Emily interact with her patients. For others, it's been Emily herself. Tonight, my love comes from the fact that there was serious story development going down. The love-triangle plot certainly thickened on " Emily and...the Question of Faith ." Except I'm not entirely sure Emily knows it. Here's Emily, a point in two conflicting triangles. Will, Emily, and Cassandra make up one of the triangles while Micah, Emily, and Dr. Hamata comprise the other. Read More... //

Emily Owens MD Season 1 Review “Emily and the Tell-Tale Heart” – Pangs of Guilt

Guilt plagued our heroine in "Emily and the Tell-Tale Heart," this week’s episode of  Emily Owens, MD , starting with her accidentally dinging a car in the hospital parking lot , leading her to put misguided faith in a drug addict  then nearly break-up a family, and culminating with her reconsidering her decision  to keep Will away from the evil clutches of Cassandra. Poor Cassandra (note the sarcasm) just couldn’t figure out why Will wasn’t falling all over himself to be around her, so she made a few fake attempts to be nice to Emily to get her to find out why. She gets worse every week, I swear. And every week Emily has to be the better person when we really just want to see her toss the contents of a bedpan in Cassandra’s face. End result? Cassandra got exactly what she wanted (Will) and Emily got her car keyed in retaliation for the ding. Read More... //