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Jul 26, 2014 6:23AM EDT

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This show is definitely not getting enough attention. A brilliant adaption of Jane Austen's Emma, from the makers of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.
While the show has had some issues, with fan reactions forcing a hiatus to deal with these issues, the show has only grown stronger. The transmedia-elements are amazing, and gives the show a real depth you don't find elsewhere. The cast is diverse and the chemistry is sizzling. While I really like Joanna Sotomura, who portrays Emma, I was unsure about her acting abilities at first, but watching the show I've come to conclude that she is excellent. She does a wonderful job portaying the growth Emma goes through, the ups and downs. Emmas emotions as she struggles to understand that she doesn't always know best, is clearly visible on Sotomuras face. What I mistook as overacting instead became clear as overconfidence on Emmas part, and over the course of the series it is obvious how this overconfidence takes hit after hit. Brent Bailey who portrays Knightly is one to watch as well. His Knightly might seem dry, but underneath glows caring and humour. The chemistry between Knightly and Emma extends not only to the screen, but also to real life where Sotomura and Bailey are currently dating (fangirls are still squeeing about this).
Dayeanne Huttons Harriet Smith is adorable, even if her character's traits are rather questionable: While she is, at first, shown to be extremely intellingent, she comes off as very naïve, and from time to time rather foolish. Perhaps it is insecurity which Harriet has in spades that makes her seem so silly, but her resourcefulness is what makes me like her more. Huttons talents as a singer/musician is also called upon in Harriet's music-club, #HarrietSings, where the viewers can upload their own covers of Harriet's songs.
The rest of the cast is pretty spectacular, and if you are a fan of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a special 'guest' is sure to capture your interest. While we are on the subject of the cast, let me also mention Stephen Chang as Frank Churchill, who brings a joie de vivre only matched by Nikea Gamby-Turner's Maddy Bates. James Brent Isaacs as Bobby Martin is imposible not to root for, and Tyra Colar's quiet determination as Jane Fairfax is almost heartbreaking.
The show will be concluding soon (as far as we know), but will be followed by an adaptation of Frankenstein. It's called Frankenstein M.D. and, judging by Pemberley Digitals other adaptations, this will be worth a view.


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