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Encouragement Of Climb Episode #09 Anime Review

Watching the girls make their way up the very touristy Mt. Takao previously was a lot of fun and we get a bit more of a look at it here from the lookout park. It’s pretty nice and is the kind of family friendly hike that’s just beautifully laid out, making it the kind of place you want to go to. The two have bonded pretty nicely since they reconnected and seeing them enjoy all of this, even if they feel like they got there too fast, is definitely nice to see. Of course, while the climb was easy, Aoi is set to show her one of the more difficult trailers in order to head back down and that makes for a much more engaging challenge. It’s a cute little adventure since they run into a girl with a broken shoe and we get to see how prepared Hinata is in helping out the young girl. It’s another tender moment overall that reinforces the nature of the two girls and more of the overall terrain and what they all get from it.   Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2013/02/27/encouragement-of-climb-episode-09-anime-review/