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Encouragement Of Climb Season 2 Episode #03 Anime Review

As the girls started to make their trek up Mt. Mitsutouge the last time around, we had a lot of fun in seeing what they saw with the beautiful landscapes, the mountain itself and all the little touristy aspects that make it so enjoyable. The simple friendship nature of the girls is also a big plus with what they do and there’s a lot to like in seeing that unfolds with their personalities. It’s not a show with really strong personalities, but there’s a good kind of bonding that we get with these relatively mellow girls. Even the most outgoing of them would likely be considered an introvert by a lot of people, something that’s certainly amusing.   Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/11/02/encouragement-of-climb-season-2-episode-03-anime-review/