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ENLIGHTENED (HBO) “Someone Else’s Life” Episode 3

ENLIGHTENED  "Someone Else’s Life" Episode 3 airs on Monday October 24 at 9:30 PM. Synopsis:  Jealous of Krista’s (Sarah Burns) good fortune and fed up with her humiliation at Abaddonn, Amy considers leaving the company  for a socially responsible job at a homeless shelter. But the low pay, combined with a huge unpaid bill from the treatment center , give her pause. Read More... //

Amy's Friends and Co-Workers Still Think She's Crazy on 'Enlightened' (VIDEO)

Even though Amy might have fantasies about the people in her life enjoying the same kind of spiritual awakening she did in Hawaii on 'Enlightened' (Mon., 9:30PM ET on HBO), the real world is going to be far harder to convince. You can go away and find peace, but finding it in the daily grind is nearly impossible. It was nice to see this week that she's still the flawed and angry person we saw in those first few minutes of the pilot. She has learned the tools to be a better and calmer person, but that's going to be a daily struggle for her, made even more difficult by the fact that she returned to her old company. //

ENLIGHTENED (HBO) “Now or Never” Episode 2

ENLIGHTENED  "Now or Never" Episode 2 airs on Monday October 17 at 9:30 PM. Synopsis:  Amy’s hopes of landing a dream job  take a hit when she’s demoted to the basement of Abaddonn, working in data entry  amongst a group of social misfits. The job has its perks , however, as she uncovers a litany of corporate improprieties while surfing the net in her downtime. Meanwhile, Amy’s attempts to improve the lives of her exhusband Levi and mom Helen fall on deaf ears. Written by Mike White; directed by Miguel Arteta. Read More.. //

'Enlightened' trailer: First Look!

Interested in seeing Laura Dern as "an agent of change" — not to mention, a woman who can create a rather disturbing elevator scene? Empower yourself by watching the first trailer for the new HBO drama  Enlightened . Dern plays Amy Jellicoe, a troubled corporate exec who suffers a nervous breakdown, receives treatment at a mental health facility in Hawaii, and then returns to work as a new person. The kind who peddles self-help mantras and asks a table full of suits, "Wouldn’t you be happier working for a place that’s, like, giving back to the world instead of some corporate parasite that’s raping land and people?"  Enlightened –  which also stars Luke Wilson, Diane Ladd, and exec producer Mike White — debuts Oct. 10. Check out the trailer below:  //

ENLIGHTENED (HBO) First Look With Laura Dern

Take a first look at HBO’s new series  ENLIGHTENED  which premieres on Monday October 10 at 9:30 PM. Synopsis:  Amy Jellicoe, an ambitious executive at a global conglomerate, has been her own worst enemy for most of her adult life. Her self-destructive choices, both at home and at work, have resulted in a very public, humiliating nervous breakdown. After an extended stay at a treatment center in Hawaii, Amy returns to her fractured life, determined to lead a more enlightened existence. But her newfound noble intentions only ratchet up the drama, wreaking unexpected havoc on those around her. Read More... //

'Enlightened': How Laura Dern's HBO comedy stacks up against the women of Showtime

Season 3 of "Bored to Death" isn't the only reason to look forward to Mondays on HBO this fall. Oct. 10 also marks the premiere of "Enlightened," a spiritual comedy from Mike White ("School of Rock"), starring Laura Dern as a woman changed by a long tenure in therapy. Naturally, during the series panel at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, this premise drew comparisons to the stable of female-driven comedies on Showtime ("Weeds," "The Big C," Nurse Jackie," etc.). "I feel like there are parallels," says White, who admits to not being too familiar with any of the series. "Tonally, this is pretty different. It has a little more teeth I think. It has darker strains in it."Darker -- but not "Dexter" darker. White got a lot of laughs when he noted that "to make noise in dysfunction land, your main character has to be a serial killer." Dern seems to think... //