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Family: Michael Crichton dies of cancer

Michael Michael Crichton, 66, a writer and filmmaker whose enormously popular and entertaining novels such as "Jurassic Park" and "The Andromeda Strain" explored the limits and consequences of science, and who also created the long-running television medical drama "E.R.," died of cancer Nov. 4 in Los Angeles. Read more ...

Eriq La Salle Back in the ER - to Direct

Dr. Benton's returning to ER, but you won't get to see him. Eriq La Salle, who played the County General surgeon from 1994-2002, will direct an upcoming episode of the longtime medical drama, Variety reports. The episode will air in February, which is when the NBC Thursday night staple is set to wrap up for good. read more from: TvGuide

ER Episode 15.05 Haunted Promotional Video

Check out The promotional video to the episode of ER titled "Haunted"

ER Episode 15.07 Heal Thyself Promotional Photos

Check out these new Promotional Photos for episode 15.07 "Heal Thyself

ER Episode 15.05 Haunted Promotional Photos

The final season is here, and it's been a long 15 years. Why not go out with a bang? Here are some Promotional Photos for episode 15.05

Maura Tierney Checks Out of ER for Good

In its final year, ER will welcome back some old friends while other cast members make early exits. In the 15th-season premiere, Greg Pratt (Mekhi Phifer) died a shocking death, and Thursday Maura Tierney's lovable but beleaguered Dr. Abby Lockhart checks out for the last time... Read interview from TV Guide

Hot Docs Week: A Trip Down 'ER' Memory Lane

With ER now in its 15th - yes 15th! - and final season, it only seems right to give it a little Hot Docs Week love as one of the first medical dramas giving us an inside look at hospital life along with some of the first yummy doctors to gaze upon and doc romances to obsess over! Take a look back at the cast over the years and catch up with where they are now, including one of our favorite hot docs of all time, the infamous George Clooney, aka Dr. Doug Ross. ER Cast Revisited Photo courtesy of

No New ER This Week

There was no new ER this week due to the VP debate. New episode next week...

No ER For Clooney: Realist or Ingrate?

Doesn't this vintage Dr. Doug Ross photo make you sooo nostalgic? Everybody over at ER wants Dr. Doug Ross (George Clooney) to make a cameo appearance in show's final season. The producers, Anthony Edwards, NBC...they've all made pleas. Clooney however - who had already declined an earlier offer - has maintained that this won't be happening. Says his publicist, "He is on record as saying he is not coming back. It is something he has already done. He is busy making movies." Ouch! So here's the question of the day? Does it make you a bad person to not want to return to a series that "made your career", but is quite clearly past its prime? We all know that while Clooney is busy making movies that if he really wanted to, he could squeeze in the time for a cameo. Weigh in below. (Personally, I think Clooney seems like a pretty nice guy and lets not forget that he already has made a cameo after his departure, so there's no need for NBC to try to vilify him...I mean, when do the favors end?) Source: TV Guide

ION Television Unveils a New Look!

ION TELEVISION UNVEILS NEW LOOK, NEW ADVERTISERS, NEW DISTRIBUTORS & AFFILIATES, NEW WEBSITE AND NEW, YOUNGER AUDIENCE "Positively Entertaining" Rebranding Campaign Launches on September 8 New Advertisers Include Honda, Walgreens, Western Union,, and Red Lobster New Distribution Deals and Rollouts with Comcast, Verizon FiOS, AT&T U-Verse, Mediacom, Bresnan and Buckeye Solidify Reach to Over 94 Million Homes Award Winning Off-Network Hits Invigorate Fall Lineup and Attract Desirable 25-54 Demo (West Palm Beach, Fla. - September 8, 2008) - Today, over 94 million households will have the opportunity to tune-in to a reinvented ION Television, repositioned as a compelling new entertainment destination and galvanized by an exciting new brand, ION Television: Positively Entertaining. The new contemporary look and tag line - Positively Entertaining - complement the robust critically acclaimed off-network series - Boston Legal , ER and NCIS - which launch as part of ION Television's strategically acquired fall programming lineup that appeals to a younger audience. The rebranding campaign coincides with the launch of ION Television's new advertisers, distribution partners, shifted viewership, and newly rebranded website, . "With our contemporary look and 'Positively Entertaining' tagline, we are positioning ION Television as a general entertainment network, with broad appeal for consumers, advertisers and content creators," said Brandon Burgess, Chairman and CEO, ION Media Networks. "We are pleased with our early success in securing marquis off-net acquisitions, as well as our theatrical and made-for-TV movies, targeting a broad and desirable 25-54 demo." "Our rebranding campaign essentially frames all that is new to ION Television and reinforces our brand's limitless potential," said Eleo Hensleigh, Chief Marketing Officer, ION Media Networks. "The 'Positively Entertaining' tagline exudes enthusiasm, translated across multiple genres of programming. The new contemporary aesthetic purposely complements the more youthful, confident and innovative brand personality and values of the network's programming and mission." Read the full press release: ION Television Press Release Assets courtesy of Sinuate Media