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Episode Recap: "Oh, Brother"

As Pratt's brother Chaz (Sam Jones III) settled into his new role as first year medical student, Morris' struggle to get past Greg's death continued to cloud his judgment. His desire to play the role of surrogate brother and mentor got the better of him and Chaz was put in situations that were well beyond the scope of his experience. It also created additional tension between Morris and Banfield ("How can such a good doctor be such a knucklehead?") However, their brief elevator conversation where Morris opened up about his unresolved feelings and acknowledged his poor decision-making, probably helped to ease the road for these two in the future. Putting people at ease is clearly not an area where Dr. Cate Banfield excels and this week, even her husband fell victim to her lack of patience. As played by Angela Bassett's real-life husband Courtney B. Vance, Russell Banfield appears to be a pillar of strength for Banfield's tightly-wound and deeply-wounded chief. The intensity that Ms. Bassett brings to this role almost borders on uncomfortable at times, but I do think it makes her quieter, kinder moments more powerful as a result (case in point, her interaction with Frank tonight was very sweet.) As I mentioned previously, it looks like next week is going to pack an emotional wallop on many levels. I honestly haven't been this excited for an upcoming episode in a long time. Crying at the previews is probably not a good sign. read full recap from: TvGuide

Episode Recap: "Haunted"

It was a hectic Halloween in the ER in this episode. But for fans of Neela and Ray, the tricks far outweighed the treats. Ghosts were everywhere for these two as their oddly tense reunion was overshadowed by a shared history marred by tragedy and missed opportunities. read full recap from: TvGuide

Episode Recap: "Parental Guidance"

It was back to business as usual this week in the ER as the new interns settled into the frenetic pace and partnered with some of the veterans to learn the ropes. But they weren't the only ones trying to adjust. Archie and Tony both dealt with unexpected situations, and everyone tried to negotiate life with the new Chief. Read more from TvGuide

Last Season of ER

I wouldn't want there to be another season after this. They have had 14 seasons strong & this last one should tie it up. Pratt is gone now and it's sad, but the show must go on. I have to say it was a shocker, but I really am loving this season so far. I love Morris more than ever. He used to be that character that no one really knew but now he is THE CHARACTER. Or at least one of the many we cherish. I like the new interns. Seriously ;) They are amazing. & it's only the second episode. I wonder what this new chief will do. She's already started some stuff, but it looks like she is getting into the game and has her own issues. Sam & Gates are cute :) I Have not seen much of Abbey :( But later, I'm sure. Dr. Brenner & Nela :) Oh My. I wish they could see eye to eye. They are adorable and Brenner is sexy with his accent :) This show has always been full of surprises and well ahead of Grey's Anatomy in my opinion, but not by too far. They better keep up :) I absolutely adore this show :) 5 stars.


Brilliantv action packed stuff fred-fred


even though this is the 14th season this show still surpasses them all