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Mondays, 5:00 PM EST on NBC
Tracked 7,704 Times
15 Seasons, 332 Episodes
60 Minutes
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ER is a long-running American serial medical drama created by novelist Michael Crichton and set primarily in the emergency room based on Cook County Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.


Heart of the Matter

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ER S13E6
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Luka gets some important news, and at the end of the day, an unexpected visitor. A collision between a motorcycle and a car brings critical patients to the ER. Luka and Ray treat the motorcycle rider, and discover a condition his wife wants kept secret.

Episode Reviews

by Jacqueline N Brown

Jan 13, 2018

I love magical girl anime and romance anime what i don't like is incest and bad acting. Another thing i don't like is when they tell me to watch a 24 episode anime that only worth 12 or less but was spread out to the most you can so that you can make the most money. first of all family members are supposed to get married one low branch another higher. the only problem that they are still family even if they describe third cousin still not ok for me. Then the plot just like all from the time. i don't need to watch another video game anime or going into game anime. i also don't wanna watch another cousin loving i need the main to save me anime no thank you