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Recap: "I Feel Good"

After many years of not-so-happy or downright disastrous endings, it is really nice to see some of our favorites enjoying real glimpses of happiness in these final episodes. This week, we even got to see some new skills on display - and not necessarily of the medical variety. It was interesting to have the story take a charitable detour in this second-to-last episode as the staff of Country General volunteered at Camp Del Corazon, a real-life camp for kids living with heart disease. The children featured in the episode are actual campers and their stories are both wrenching and inspiring. While the story didn't exactly further the plot very much, it did hit on a recurring theme of ER - kids battling diseases and problems with courage and wisdom beyond their years. Special guest star Tom Arnold portrayed a pediatric cardiologist dedicated to the camp and its campers. Despite a few potential obstacles, it does look like Banfield and Russell are going to end up adopting the abandoned baby. A reappearance of the baby's birth mother looked as though it might send their plans off the rails, but as the young woman, struggling with doubts, watched the cool and collected Banfield juggle emergency cases with an older man and a mother-to-be, she seemed to realize the security and stability that she will be able to give the baby. I have to admit that I was not a fan of Banfield when she arrived on the scene with her sad secrets and icy cold demeanor, but she has brought balance and maturity to the ER during this last season and despite not having a long-term investment in the character, I will still be gratified to see her get the baby she and her husband so desperately want. The future is still a big question mark for Dr. Brenner. While it was great to see Neela and Ray happy together and remembering their friends at County, it was yet another blow to Brenner who looked shell-shocked after Neela's video greeting. Rebuffing Sam's empathetic attempts, he does manage to find some peace while working with the Del Corazon campers. He connects with Logan, a kid struggling with the loss of a friend, and helps bring him out of his shell while getting some good advice about being there for the heart patient he has grown to care about. To Read More Click here .