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Eureka 7: Astral Ocean Episode #10 Anime Review

While the show has focused mostly on things around Japan, it has gotten around the world a little bit and made some world stage involvement a part of the events. With this episode, things move in an interesting direction as the attention shifts to America and to Arizona specifically where a Scub Burst has occurred. Because of the nature of the country, they’re not about to call in for Generation Bleu nor are they going to make a big deal about the destruction that happened as there have been other incidents as well in recent memory that they’ve dealt with. In essence, there’s more of a PR nature about the events than anything else in order to shore up the country’s position in the grand scale of things. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2012/06/30/eureka-7-astral-ocean-episode-10-anime-review/