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This Week Of Summer Premieres Is A Big One For Big Brother & Syfy Fans!

This week, the season 12 house guests are welcomed into the Big Brother house on Thursday, while Syfy is back in action with the return of both Warehouse 13 and Eureka , as well as the series premiere of Haven ! See what else premieres this week: Tuesday, July 6 9/8c: Warehouse 13 on Syfy Wednesday, July 7 8/7c: Minute to Win It on NBC Thursday, July 8 9/8c: Big Brother on CBS Friday, July 9 9/8c: Eureka on Syfy 10/9c: Haven on Syfy Check out the rest of this season's premieres on our Summer Premieres Schedule !

On Syfy, Fantasy Lite

"In this job, there's no such thing as no such thing." That clever quip gives us summer Syfy in a nutshell. As spoken by Warehouse 13's glib Secret Service hero Pete Lattimer (the genial Eddie McClintock) to his foxy partner Mika Bering (Joanne Kelly) while both are plastered to a Victorian ceiling by some anti-gravity device or other, we are served the fantastic with a side order of whimsy, with very little ever taken seriously. Warehouse 13 is sci-fi that just wants to be liked, tasty as it goes down but about as long-lasting as a swirl cone from an ice-cream truck on a 90-plus degree day. And just about as welcome for those seeking jaunty escapism during the summer. It was an instant hit a year ago, premiering the same night the former Sci Fi Channel took on its peculiar new name. Far from suffering an identity crisis, Syfy has flourished with this kind of light entertainment. Besides Warehouse, which returns for a second season Tuesday night (9/8c), Syfy launches the fourth season of the equally fanciful Eureka Friday night (9/8c), pairing it with the new but very familiar series Haven (10/9c), a dreary example of a channel so in love with its own success that it dips from the well of sameness once too often. It's Eureka without inspiration, minus the "wow" factor. It barely rates even a "huh?" To Read More Click Here .

EUREKA Season 4 Premiere Photos

Syfy has released the first photos of the Season 4 premiere episode of EUREKA titled “Founder’s Day” (Check out our early review of the episode) which airs on July 9, at 9pm. The photos include notably a newcomer to the show, James Callis as Dr. Grant. Episode Synopsis: The 60th anniversary of Eureka becomes life-changing in more ways than one when a marriage proposal is eclipsed by a mysterious transport to a military site and a new face in the crowd. To Read More Click Here .

Eureka: Gaius Baltar Comes To Town

Summer time means Eureka time on Syfy, and this season Sheriff Jack Carter's (Colin Ferguson) turf gets invaded by the mysterious Dr. Grant. Battlestar Galactica's James Callis joins the cast as Grant, a man vying for the affections of the lovely Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) and a man who definitely rubs Carter the wrong way. As we head toward the Season 4 premiere date (Friday, July 9th at 9/8c), IGN TV had a chance to talk to Callis about his new role, being back on Syfy, his work on FlashForward and his legacy as Gaius "frakkin" Baltar! To Read More Click Here .

First Look: 'Eureka' season 4 poster!

No one can accuse Syfy of downplaying the addition of James Callis to the Eureka cast. The Battlestar Galactica thesp is literally the focal point of the show's official season 4 poster. Story-wise, the image suggests that the group shares a secret that, to a large degree, ties in with the arrival of Callis character, physicist Dr. Grant. Or maybe it's just a cool piece of artwork. We'll know for sure when the fourth season gets under way next Friday. Will you be watching? Source Here

Eureka Season 4 Premiere Promo Photos

Bunch of promo photos from the 4th season premiere. Spoilers! Click me!

Eureka Season 4 Spoilers - Episode Descriptions for July

Eureka returns with its fourth season premiere on Friday, July 9 and SyFy has released short episode descriptions for the four episodes that will be airing in July. Episode 401: Founder's Day' Air Date: Friday, July 9, 2010 @ 9PM ET/PT As Season Four begins, Carter and friends are mysteriously transported to a dangerous military installation. Getting home seems impossible, but whether they escape or not, their journey will have life-altering repercussions. Episode 402: A New World Air Date: Friday, July 16, 2010 @ 9PM ET/PT Carter and his fellow travelers begin to realize the startling implications of their return to Eureka and of Dr. Grant's unnerving appearance in their midst. Episode 403: All the Rage Air Date: Friday, July 23, 2010 @ 9PM ET/PT Wil Wheaton guest stars as Dr. Isaac Parrish, an underappreciated scientist whose hostility appears to have gone viral. Blind rage is infecting everyone at Global Dynamics with potentially catastrophic results - especially for Fargo. Episode 404: The Story of O2 Air Date: Friday, July 23, 2010 @ 9PM ET/PT Allison struggles to relate to her son and deals with inadvertent mayhem during Eureka's Space Week festival, while Carter wonders if the Zoe he is about to visit at Harvard will be the daughter he remembers. Jamie Kennedy guest stars! Source Here

EUREKA Season 4 Promos

Syfy has released some really great promos for Season 4 of EUREKA, and I had to share them. The new season of Eureka premieres on July 9, at 9pm. Having seen the first two episodes already (which are pretty amazing and probably the best Eureka premiere episodes, yes I said it!), I can tell you that the Jack of All Trades and The Fargonator videos both take place in the first episode. As for the other one, since I didn't really recognize anything from them, I can only guess that they take place later on in the season. So enjoy and don't miss the season premiere. To Read More Click Here ,

EUREKA Season 4 Cast Photo with James Callis

After the announcement that James Callis (Battlestar Galactica) would be joining the cast of EUREKA in Season 4, we finally get our first look at him. We recently received a screener for the first two episode of the new season, and to our excitement on the box there was a new cast photo for season 4 including James Callis, so I of course had to share it with you, so enjoy (apologies for the low quality, we'll update it when a higher quality photo is available). And in case you didn't know, Season 4 of Eureka premieres on July 9, 2010 at 9pm on Syfy. And having seen the first 2 episodes, I can tell you it's looking to be an amazing season. So many surprises and changes are happening, I think fans will love it. We'll have a more detailed review soon, but until then enjoy the first cast photo from season 4 of Eureka. You can view larger versions of the photo below. Source & More Photos

Returning to SyFy: Warehouse 13, Eureka

Summer programming is about to heat up on SyFy. New seasons of the network's two most popular shows kick off in July, as Warehouse 13 returns on July 6 and Eureka follows three days later. What can viewers expect from these shows? Few spoilers or storylines have been revealed, but at least the new promo below can get fans excited for their fresh episodes: Source & Promo