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Eureka Star Joe Morton joins "Brothers & Sisters"

"Eureka"'s Joe Morton is leaving town to spend some time in Pasadena, California. Er, I mean, if that's where Justin Walker's medical school is based. Yes, that's right, "Brothers & Sisters" is going through with the whole Justin in med school storyline and actor Joe Morton has been cast as his tough, caring anatomy prof. As of now, Morton will recur in roughly 7 to 10 episodes. So, thoughts? Source

Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Sept. 11, 2009 - Featured

* Psych (10/9c USA Network ) A birthday celebration at a cop bar takes an ugly turn for the gang when, instead of ducking away from an out-of-control pinata basher, the partygoers must instead seek cover from a barrage of bullets. The shooting appears to be a robbery, but Shawn thinks that someone was actually targeting Lassiter. The case may not be a piece of cake to solve, though, as the guys come up with a pretty hefty list of suspects. * Eureka (9/8c Syfy ) For many folks, the first day on the job means following around the person who's training you. For Tess Fontana (Jaime Ray Newman), the first day at the helm of Global Dynamics has the good doctor doing everything she can to keep Eureka from becoming a year-round winter resort. Fan favorite Matt Frewer resurfaces as Taggart. * JAY-Z: Live From Madison Square Garden: Answer the Call (9/8c Fuse) On a solemn day of remembrance such as this, here's to the power of music to help soften the blow, soothe unsettled senses and aid those impacted by tragedy. Hip-hop artist Jay-Z taps into this comforting sonic potency tonight, performing a live 9/11 charity event at New York City's Madison Square Garden on the eighth anniversary of the tragedy. Raised funds benefit the New York Police and Fire Widows' and Children's Benefit Fund. And kudos to FUSE for airing the show without commercials. * 20/20 (10/9c ABC) It has been two and a half months since Michael Jackson died, but the story certainly hasn't been put to rest yet. Tonight Barbara Walters puts her imprint on it when she interviews the King of Pop's sister La Toya, who talks about both Michael's life and his death. Incidentally, this is the venerable ABC newsmagazine's official season opener - the 32nd if you're counting. * Hotel Ground Zero (10/9c The History Channel) There are still so many stories surrounding the 9/11 attacks, some yet to be told. This hour chronicles the story of the devastation to the Marriott WTC hotel and what happened to survivors, victims and rescue workers. Photographer Bill Biggart was taking pictures even as the second tower collapsed and soon took his life. The final images from his camera, recovered in the debris in the aftermath, are included. Source Here

EUREKA: Season 3, Episode 17 "Have an Ice Day" - Preview

Watch a Preview of Eureka Season 3 Episode 17 "Have an Ice Day" airing Friday September 11 on Syfy Channel (9-10 p.m. ET). Episode Synopsis: The uneventful first day that Tess plans as the interim head of Global Dynamics is shattered by Taggart's reappearance and plunging temperatures caused by an ice core from the Arctic. To Watch The Preview and More Pics Click Here .

Eureka Latest Episode: Season 3, Episode 16 - 'You Don't know Jack'

It's a busy day for Global Dynamics and Eureka as Allison's labor begins during a sonic cleaning of the company, and the townspeople exhibit Alzheimer's disease at the same time. Watch & Discuss: Watch Eureka: Season 3, Episode 16 - 'You Don't know Jack' Read Eureka Review: Season 3, Episode 16 - 'You Don't know Jack'

Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Aug. 28, 2009 - Featured

* Monk (9/8c USA Network ) Adrian Monk: detective, neat freak... hit man? That's the role Monk attempts to don after an FBI agent asks him to assume the identity of a killer-for-hire after the real hit man dies. If Monk can pull it off and convince the bad guys he's tough as nails, he may be able to foil an assassination plot. Today (7/6c NBC) Teen sensation Miley Cyrus closes out the August leg of Today's Summer Concert Series with a live performance. The busy starlet recently wrapped filming on The Last Song, a movie due out in 2010 that's based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. Cyrus also recently unveiled a Walmart-exclusive clothing line she created with Max Azaria and is releasing the EP The Time of Our Lives later this month to promote the line. * Wizards of Waverly Place : The Movie (8/7c Disney Channel ) Rebellious Alex (Selena Gomez) is always getting into trouble, but she outdoes herself in this entertaining 2009 cable movie based on the hit Disney series. During a Russo family vacation in the Caribbean that is supposed to be magic free, an increasingly frustrated Alex wishes her parents (David DeLuise, Maria Canals Barrera) had never met. Unfortunately, Alex's abrupt request is granted. Even worse, she doesn't know how to reverse the spell. But she and her brother, Justin, embark on an adventurous journey to locate a legendary magical stone that possesses the power to reverse the ill-uttered demand. * Eureka (9/8c Syfy ) The third season of the quirky dramedy concludes with a memorable event for one lead character and foggy recollections for the rest of the town as Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) goes into labor amid a crisis that causes Eureka's citizens to suffer a communal form of Alzheimer's. Let's hope Jack remembers that he's the one folks regularly count on to save the day. * Making Over America With Trinny & Susannah (10/9c TLC ) Outspoken fashion gurus Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine of Britain's What Not to Wear fame have landed in America, and they're aiming to make over the country, one style offender at a time. This week the ladies visit a single mom who's a veteran of the Iraq War. She thinks her provocative barely there style is oh so sexy, but the hosts feel otherwise. Source Here

EUREKA Season 3, Episode 16: "You Don't Know Jack" - Sneak Peeks

Take a sneak peek of Eureka Season 3 Episode 16 "You Don't Know Jack" airing Friday August 28 on Syfy Channel (9-10 p.m. ET). Episode Synopsis: It's a busy day for Global Dynamics and Eureka as Allison's labor begins during a sonic cleaning of the company, and the townspeople exhibit Alzheimer's disease at the same time. If You Missed The Last Episode Watch It Here Online Now Source & More Pics Here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Aug. 21, 2009 - Featured

* Eureka (9/8c Syfy ) Nothing ever goes as planned in a town populated with supergeniuses not even a baby shower. Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) receives some fascinating eco-conscious gifts for her coming little one, but when a few scientists are mysteriously drowned, the town suspects that these presents might be a little too advanced for their own good. * Good Morning America (7/6c ABC) Reba McEntire has sold more records than any female country singer but Shania Twain (and has more Top 10 hits than any country gal), and this morning McEntire is looking to sell a few more as she winds up GMA's 2009 Summer Concert series in New York's Central Park. McEntire's new CD, Keep on Loving You, was released this past Tuesday, and you can expect to hear the two singles from it, "Strange" and "Consider Me Gone," in her set. * NFL Football (8/7c Fox) What would otherwise be just another exhibition football matchup may become a distraction (or a Texas-size spectacle) as the Titans visit the Cowboys for the first game at the new $1.15 billion Cowboys Stadium. At three-million square feet, this is the largest domed stadium in the world, seating 80,000, with an option to expand to 100,000. There's also a 72 x 160-foot HD video screen that's suspended over the field from one 20-yard line to the other. Let's hope a tour is provided. * Hard Rock Calling (9/8c VH1) This look at one of the biggest concert events of the summer in London's Hyde Park features Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band covering the Clash's "London Calling" and performing "Rosalita." Other performers include Neil Young, the Pretenders, the Dave Matthews Band, the Killers, James Morrison and Ben Harper. * Jockeys (10/9c Animal Planet ) Return to the Santa Anita racetrack as jockeys fight for a spot in the Kentucky Derby when the second season of the reality series pulls into the starting gate. Familiar faces, including Corey Nakatani (who was injured in a fall during Season 1), lead viewers through another season of Thoroughbred horse racing, and they are joined by a few new jockeys who try to make a place for themselves among the sport's best. It's a gamble for sure, but that's what this sport is all about. Source Here

EUREKA Season 3, Episode 15: "Shower the People" - Sneak Peek

Take a sneak peek of Eureka Season 3 Episode 15 "Shower the People" airing Friday August 21 on Syfy Channel (9-10 p.m. ET). Episode Synopsis: EUREKA "Shower the People" Season 3 Episode 15 - Jack investigates the deaths of scientists who drowned in less than liquid circumstances. Meanwhile, Allison's baby shower goes green. To See More Pics Click Here . If You Missed The Last Episode Watch It Here Online Now

EUREKA Season 3, Episode 14: "Ship Happens" - Preview

Henry's 20-year-old project returns with more on board than it left with. Airing Friday August 14 on Syfy Channel (9-10 p.m. ET). To Watch The Trailer Click Here . Source Here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Aug. 7, 2009 - Featured

* Monk (9/8 CT USA Network ) Monk kicks off its eighth and final season tonight as the obsessive-compulsive detective takes a case that messes with his sense of reality...well, a little more than usual. Monk eagerly becomes a bodyguard for a former child star (played by Elizabeth Perkins) who's receiving death threats. But his excitement fades when he learns the actress is nothing like her TV alter ego. * Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader ? (8/7 CT Fox) A number of folks who have succeeded at making themselves famous (Star Jones, Larry the Cable Guy, Sugar Ray Leonard) have appeared on the show this summer, but the notoriety that tonight's contestants have achieved is certainly unwanted: Surfer Bethany Hamilton lost an arm in a shark attack, and Jill Finley awoke from a supposedly irreversible coma in 2007. Dealing with fifth-grade geography has to be easier than that. * Eureka (9/8 CT Syfy ) Sleepwalking leads to sleep-building when a Stonehenge-like structure made of electronics and stolen scrap metal is raised in a field. In the course of his investigation, Sheriff Carter learns that the town's youths are the architects. So much for the stereotype of teenagers being lazy and unfocused. * Numb3rs (10/9 CT CBS) Actor-rapper Eve guest stars in this sometimes comical episode from February about a prized pair of stolen sneakers. The shoes in question belong to a foreign ambassador who purchased the kicks for $250,000 at auction. What makes them so valuable? They are the first pair of the final edition of a classic brand. Eve's La-La Buendia is particularly anxious that the sneaks be found because she won't receive her commission money for selling them until they are tracked down. * Chefs vs. City (10/9 CT Food Network ) In the premiere of this reality series, New York becomes a battleground for chefs-turned-hosts Aaron Sanchez and Chris Consentino, who go head-to-head with contemporaries (and network colleagues) Kelsey Nixon (Next Food Network Star) and Claire Robinson (5 Ingredient Fix) to find the Big Apple's most appealing spots to chow down. And that's just the start: Future episodes of the series, in which Sanchez and Consentino take on foodies across the country, visit such locales as Malibu and Las Vegas. Source Here