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Eureka! Finally a Return Date for the SciFi Series - Featured

Fans have been eagerly awaiting an official return date for SciFi series Eureka for months. While the show's return was recently narrowed down to sometime in July, we finally have the exact date for you: Friday July 10th The series is therefore moving to Fridays at 9PM. 10 new episodes will air. Also on the horizon for SciFi (excuse me, SyFy ) is new series Warehouse 13 , premiering on July 7th. Ghost Hunters International is returning July 8th and Ghost Hunters on August 19th. There's also a batch of summer movies, one of which features Buffy the Vampire Slayer favorite James Marsters, entitled "High Plains Invaders". Check out the rest here: Eureka returns July 10; SCI FI unveils summer schedule

Missing Eureka? SciFiWire Teases the Show's Return

I know many people on SideReel has been missing Eureka (which still has no exact return date, though it has been narrowed down to this July) fans on the show should check out the following articles from SciFiWire: Exclusive Video with the Stars of Eureka Salli Richardson Teases Season 3.5

Eureka! Return Date Update

We still don't have an exact date for the return of the much-awaited Eureka on SciFi (seriously, what is the holdup?), but in this week's Mega Minute with Matt Mitovich from TV Guide, it is confirmed that the show will return sometime in July 2009. Source: TV Guide

Season 3 episode 9?

Anyone have any idea when the next episode of eureka is going to air? I don't see any new episodes of eureka on Sci Fi, I don't see any news of the show getting canceled. I also don't see any news about any new episodes past episode 8. I believe I ran into a eureka fansite that showed season three as having 21 episodes vs the normal 13 or so, however; nowhere does it state if episodes 9-21 are ever going to air.

'Eureka' Actor Speaks About Season 3

The third season of Sci-Fi's Eureka is currently underway and tonight, we will get to see the episode entitled "Show Me the Mummy,"which will feature a famed archeologist on the hunt for a mummy after he opens the tomb of an Egyptian queen at Global Dynamics.Meanwhile, one of the stars of Eureka recently opened up about the third season, sharing with us some of his insights about his character and the relationships he has with other personalities on the show. Ed Quinn, who plays Nathan Stark on the series, reveals that the show picked off right where if left off, but will slightly differ from last season's drama-filled episodes, saying, "the audience is going to have to get ready for a departure from a lot of the story lines from earlier."There's a lot of the storylines that have been to put to rest. There was an original mythology to the show, and I think now the writers want to move towards a different mythology," he explained to Media Blvd Magazine. "That's part of the introduction of new characters and new story lines. The audience should get ready to experience a whole new direction for the show." As for possible spoilers, there is only one thing Quinn has to say, and that is "most of the big story lines we need to keep a wrap on. I don't want to spoil it for everyone. But there is a big, big reveal this season that I think will make the first eight episodes kind of memorable, then really send the show off into a different direction." What fans can count on, though, is that "I think definitely we have a couple of kind of zany episodes right off the bat. It's a lot of big high jinks and big special effects. So it's a little less of the relationship super drama that we had last season. It's kind of procedural sci fi; each week there's a big scientific calamity and we solve the case." Source: Buddy TV

Eureka " Do Over" (S03E04) Pictures

Check out some pictures from Eureka's episode 4, "Do Over" airing this Monday, August 19, at 9pm on Sci Fi.

Eureka: Preview Season 3!

Eureka returns for Season 3 on Tuesday, July 29th so check out the preview for the new season! Season 3 Promo Photo courtesy of

Eureka Feels the Music

I don't even watch Eureka , but since I love me some good jazz hands, I am vaguely intrigued by this . When the actual preview materializes on the web, I'll be sure to post...

Casting Roundup: Friday, June 20

There has been so much casting news every day lately that I decided it might be easier to reveal it all in one nice big summary post. Casting that has occurred today: 1. Ever Carradine (Commander in Chief, Women's Murder Club ) has signed on for 8 episodes in the upcoming season of Eureka on SciFi . She will be playing the sister of Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson). 2. Valerie Cruz (Hidden Palms, The Dresden Files) has been cast on Dexter as the wife of District Attorney Miguel Prado, which will be being played by Jimmy Smits. 3. Mark L. Young has joined the cast of Big Love as a misbehaving youth who makes a move on a girl that is already attached to an elder. Young has been seen on shows including Dexter and CSI in the past. Sources: Zap2it , TV Guide

Season 3 of Eureka Gets A Premiere Date

SCI FI sets the premiere date for the third season of Eureka. Eureka Details