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Eureka comes to a fitting, emotional conclusion [Tv Recap]

Yesterday, Eureka brought its five-season journey to a close. The finale gave us callbacks and cameos galore, happy endings for all the townspeople, and one last chance for Sheriff Carter to be the big dumb hero. Basically, it was perfect. //

Eureka Series Finale “Just Another Day” Review

After five seasons and seventy seven episodes, it’s time to say goodbye to  Eureka . Facing the closure of the town by the Department of Defense, the folks of Eureka are beginning to pack up and wonder what to do next. When wormholes suddenly appear threatening to destroy everything within the town’s radius, Carter risks himself to stop them before its too late. With everyone safe, the goodbyes continue until an unexpected surprise changes everything. I find that series finales tend to fall into three categories: loose ends are tied up and the show reaches a conclusion ( M.A.S.H. ,  The West Wing ), just another regular episode with some closure ( Quantum Leap ,  Cheers ), or its all some sort of a dream ( Newheart ,  St. Elsewhere ). On the other hand you could end up with a bizarre ending like the most recent version of  Battlestar Galactica  or the "they were in purgatory all along" ending of  Lost . I would say that  Eureka’s  producers and writers found a way to thread the needle and gave us an episode that was just like a regular one, but still tying up loose ends and giving us some of the weirdness we came to expect from this show. Read More... //  

Eureka Series Finale Review: A Bittersweet Goodbye

It is with a heavy heart and a few tears in my eyes that I write the sendoff for Eureka. After 77 incredible episodes we say goodbye to our favorite small town in " Just Another Day ." I was so glad to see that so many people made an appearance; starting with the lovely (and grown up) Jordan Hinson as Zoe Carter, continuing with Matt Frewer and his continual pursuit of the animal variety as the "Biological Containment Specialist" Taggert, ending with the surprise return of James Callis as Dr. Grant, or rather Trent Rockwell. Read More... //

'Eureka' series finale - 'Just Another Day': 'The strong force holds it all together'

"Eureka" showrunner Jaime Paglia calls his series finale, "Just Another Day," a "love letter to fans." So did you feel the love?We sure did -- especially if you are measuring by tears and goosebumps. Maybe the best line of the evening came from amnesiac Holly (Felicia Day), who perfectly captured what Sheriff Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) means to the little town of Eureka: "Oh! I remember now. You guys are smart, but the sheriff is the strong force -- he holds it all together."In his last heroic act of the series, Carter dove through a wormhole to save the town. As he traveled through that space-time anomaly, we saw snippets of important characters (Stark, argh!) and pivotal scenes -- including season one's alternate timeline in which Allison was his wife and pregnant with their child. After he saved Eureka for the gazillionth time, that happy reality finally came true again: Carter's new bride Allison (Salli... //

'Eureka' Series Finale Review: Just Another Day in the Greatest Town on TV

Six years ago a little show called Eureka premiered on Syfy. And since that day it has blossomed into a truly brilliant, underappreciated gem. The show follows a town created by the government and filled with super geniuses to create the most advanced technological achievements, though things go wrong all the time and a simple local sheriff with an IQ much lower than everyone else saves the day. //

On Eureka, the heroes make the best possible villains [Tv Recap]

Yesterday's Eureka found Allison, Fargo, and Zane as the only ones left to stop a complete takeover by bio-printed replicants. The episode taught one very clear, terrifying lesson — you do not want to mess with evil clone Sheriff Carter. //

Eureka Review: I Am Jack's Evil Twin

I imagine that the pitch meeting for " Double Take " started with, " We've done zombies, now we are going to do body snatchers! "  Because, this week’s episode had all the things you would look for in a suspenseful body snatching story. A few examples are: People Not Themselves: The first thing you always get is people who are acting strange and people around them can’t figure out why. This usually, builds until the fake person finally tips their hand to a sole remaining person. Of course this being Eureka, that was promptly met with SARAH turning the tables on him and zapping him senseless. On the flip side, for Kavan Smith this meant he again got to play an evil version of Andy, which he does nearly to well.   Read More... //

Eureka “Double Take” Review

Tonight’s penultimate  Eureka  brings us the exciting end to the doppelganger storyline  that started during last week’s "Mirror, Mirror". Evil Holly and rest of the duplicates slowly assimilate other Eurekans and plug them into the Matrix  from earlier this season. Though their plans are stopped by Allison, Zane, and Fargo, it’s the Department of Defense  that has the last word on what happens to the town of Eureka (and it’s not good news). While I liked how the duplicates storyline started last week, I admit to having some mixed feeling of how much "Double Take" was resembling  Invasion of the Body  Snatchers . I think the writers went from homage to over the top a few times, especially some of the chase scenes with Allison in the forest or the rest of the duplicates closing in on the cabin. They make up for this shortcoming by throwing in plenty of sci-fi references into the episode, which are fun for the viewers to try and catch. Some of the better ones tonight were Parrish’s failed plan to use the  Star Wars  prisoner plan to bluff his way past security and Holly comparing her situation that of the alien queen from  Alien . I think the writers also tied in a little bit of  2001: A Space Odyssey  in the episode by making the Matrix NPC’s act on the last directive they received, similar to what HAL does in the movie. Read More... //  

Eureka does its best Invasion of the Body Snatchers [Tv Recap]

Yesterday's Eureka entered the final season's endgame, and Holly and Henry got put through hell once last time. But the latest setback for Dr. Martin could mean far more than just her death — because this time, all of Eureka could be destroyed. //

Eureka Review: Dust in the Wind

In never fails, you bring your dead girlfriend back to life by building her a new body and downloading her memories left in a matrix program and she goes evil on you and begins to replace your friends with evil copies. Ok, maybe that never happens – unless you’re in Eureka, and then it’s also cliffhanger to the next week!  Actually, the cliffhanger is not that big of deal (rare of me to say, I know). But it could have been, given that " Mirror, Mirror " was originally written to be the setup and intro for the original finale for Eureka Season Five . Read More... //