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Funnier than ever

This show is getting funnier and funnier every episode, Chris rock is one of my favourite comedians and this show was a great idea. I hope this show goes on for 20+ seasons (ill be dreaming of it) I give it a 4/5, very good NYC humor.

Everybody Hates Chris S04E06 ( Season 4 Episode 6 ) - Everybody Hates Doc's

Although warned by Greg that it's a bad idea, Chris starts to help the football team with their homework as a means to socialize with the cool kids. As a result, Chris ends up failing his own exams. Meanwhile, Julius begins a new job collecting dead bodies for Mr. Omar's funeral home and soon finds himself appreciating life more. He begins to buy numerous gifts for his friends and relatives, but then ends up with financial troubles.

fred-fred DONT hate chris!!

this show roxxx!!! i just started season 3! and stiill... i cant get enouigh ov it!!

Everybody Hates Chris

Everybody Hates Chris is really funny i have watched 12 episode s and can still not get enough of the show! I LOve it, it rocks KeeP it uP!! fred-fred (: