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'Extreme Weight Loss': Chris Powell removes shame to get change

Each Tuesday on ABC's "Extreme Weight Loss," trainer Chris Powell is the physical, mental and emotional coach for severely obese individuals who are tracked over a year as they combine diet, exercise and motivation to lose half their body weight.This is not the only weight loss show out there, and Powell's isn't the only approach. But one thing he doesn't ever want to do is humiliate or punish the people he works with."I disagree with that so strongly," he tells Zap2it."It makes my stomach hurt. The folks we work with, there's already enough shame. Shame fuels the addiction cycle, so it needs to be broken right off the bat."Shame has to be removed from the equation in order for people to change. Yes, some believe in a 'boot camp' mentality, break them down and build them back up. But you can just simply remove shame from the cycle and let them build up from there."You... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/07/extreme-weight-loss-chris-powell-removes-shame-to-get-change.html