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Eyeshield 21 Collection 4 - Review

As Eyeshield 21 moves along, now with everyone fully back in Japan and ready to deal with the Christmas Bowl, the team continues to come together pretty well. While I have my issues with the show, some of those things have fallen away for the most part with this set of episodes since there's less of a problem with people figuring out that Sena is Eyeshield. The previous set of episodes pushed my buttons a lot with the things I don't care for with the show, that particular aspect was rather strong in fact, but with this run the focus is more on the game itself and the variety of opponents that they're facing.  One of the main focuses of this set of episodes is on Sena with his discovery and formalization of a move that's being called the Devil Bat Ghost. His speed is increasing heavily with all of the training he's been through with the death march and the opponents he's faced have had him really work out a new method of getting around them. Each new team he goes up against brings something new to the table that teaches him something new. Hiruma for his part wants to keep this move a secret as much as possible, but he also already knows its weakness and he's intent on working through it with him. Of course, Sena can't keep it completely secret as he gets involved in a game that has him bringing it out but that ends up forcing him to adapt and understand his weaknesses better than Hiruma could do it. Read More... //

Eyeshield 21 Collection 3 Anime DVD Review

Eyeshield 21 has certainly been a challenging show to watch on a couple of levels and the third collection actually adds a few new ones. Sports shows are a favorite of mine but the ones that go for over exaggerated moves and outlandish costumes tend to be less interesting because things can change for no realistic reason at the drop of a hat. It also suffers heavily from the whole hiding who Eyeshield 21 is. While I can understand the idea in general, presenting it as he'd get scooped up by other clubs and Mamori would stop him from playing since she sees him as just a child, it's an incredibly frustrating angle because it asks us to believe that Mamori and many others are stupid. Very, very stupid. With this set of episodes, we spend the bulk of it in America, though Japan's eyes and through the wacky view of this particular series where anything goes. The gang has come over for some special training but there's a lot of things that happens along the way. That it opens with wanted posters of jewel thieves that Sena and Monta have to deal with as it involves Hiruma's dog is swapped out for a stuffed one that has a jewel. And the two international thieves are bright and garish, enough so that you could easily point them out in a huge crowd. That they match the wanted posters only adds insult to injury. While I don't look for huge amounts of realism in certain shows and this is one that wants to play loose with reality to begin with, but any post-9/11 show has to deal with things a little better. I mean, the manga even started in 2002, so it's not like it's dated in that regard. It's a small thing but it's enough to make you roll your eyes. Read More

Eyeshield 21 Collection 2 DVD Review

Eyeshield 21 essentially set itself up easily in the first collection in terms of setting expectations. Sports shows are definitely a favorite of mine but some of them less so than others. Eyeshield 21 goes for the less appealing route as it's all very comical and exaggerated in a way that really does make me roll my eyes. It's reminiscent of some sports related superhero comics books Marvel Comics put out back in the 80's that still leave a bad taste in my mouth. This set of thirteen episodes takes what we saw in the first collection and expands upon it by going in the same direction with no real surprises. The team has grown fairly well since it was just Kurita and Hiruma as Sena has definitely drawn in a few more people that are interested in the whole idea. The team is still using a lot of ringers though which isn't a surprise since American football isn't high up on a lot of peoples lists. While they're used to ringers, they definitely want to get some new players. Monta's finally on board in full so they hold a series of interviews that lead to try-outs which Hiruma designs to be pretty intense. His whole point is to get the best of the best into his ragtag little group and he does just that after having them run up and down Tokyo Tower several times before some ice they have melts. It's pretty standard fare for Hiruma to come up with this and he challenges Sena to it as well as he tries to shake down all the potential candidates to the real thing. Read More Click Me!

Eyeshield 21 Collection 1 DVD Review

Based on the thirty-seven manga volume series of the same name by Riichiro Inagaki, Eyeshield 21 is a one hundred and forty-five episode series about Japanese high school kids playing American football. Sports series tend to do pretty well in Japan overall with some very high profile titles over the years, both in manga and anime form, as they tend to run for awhile and ride particular favorites of the time, or sometimes inspiring the sport to become more popular as well. I've typically enjoyed sports anime over the years even for sports I'm not a fan of (looking at you, Dandoh and Hajime no Ippo) and have watched a pretty wide variety of them, even becoming a strong fan of several. Eyeshield 21 feels a bit different since football just doesn't feel like it would have much of a following in Japan and it's hard to find some real information on it since it's easier to find information on traditional football, i.e. soccer. Eyeshield 21 focuses on freshman student Sena Kobayakawa who is now attending Deimon high school. It's an important place for him to go to as he finally gets to go to school with his childhood older girl friend Mamori. The relationship the two have is kind of awkward and the kind that invariably bothers me as it progresses if nothing changes. Sena's small and kind of wimpy so he's been taken advantage of throughout his life in a number of ways. During the earlier years he was saved by Mamori who would use her being older and more confident to thwart some of them, but since they weren't in the same school for awhile Sena has had to survive on his own. For Sena, Mamori still views him the same way so she's trying to make sure he doesn't get picked on easily this time and that he actually makes some friends. Especially since his version of friends in his last school was with him being a lackey for the most part. Read More Click Me!