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'Fairly Legal' canceled, no Season 3 for the USA show

Another ax has dropped at USA: the network has officially canceled the drama "Fairly Legal" after two seasons. USA canceled freshman series "Common Law" yesterday (Oct. 31). According to Deadline, USA tried to breathe new life into "Fairly Legal" after its okay first season, giving it a new showrunner and casting some new characters, but even the appeal of star Sarah Shahi didn't bring more viewers to the series and will not be back for Season 3. Don't mourn for Shahi, though -- she's already booked an arc on NBC's "Chicago Fire." Says USA in a statement, "Sarah Shahi is undoubtedly a star and we're thrilled she'll be joining our sister network NBC on 'Chicago Fire.' We are proud of 'Fairly Legal' and thank the very talented cast and crew for two fantastic seasons." Meanwhile, another veteran USA series will likely be back for more. Deadline reports that "Burn Notice" is about to be picked... //

USA Network Status Updates: Common Law, Necessary Roughness, Fairly Legal

From Burn Notice to Psych to White Collar , USA Network has an incredibly impressive resume of long-running hits. According a recent Deadline report , however, a trio of recent offerings may not live to see another season. COMMON LAW, for starters, has likely nabbed its final suspect. USA has let allowed the options on its stars’ contracts run out and showrunner Craig Sweeny is now an executive producer on CBS’ Elementary . FAIRLY LEGAL, which barely received a second season renewal, is also unlikely to return next summer. The odds for a third season of NECESSARY ROUGHNESS, meanwhile, stand at "50/50" according to a network insider. If all get the axe, which of these programs will you miss the most? //

Fairly Legal (USA) “Finale” Season 2 Episode 13 (Season Finale)

Fairly Legal  "Finale" Season 2 Episode 13 airs on Friday June 15 at 9pm on USA. You can read all our coverage of  Fairly Legal  here . Episode Synopsis:  Kate digs deeper when a news station  fires a lesbian couple for fraternizing in the workplace. Also, Kate must choose between Justin and Ben. Read More... //  

Fairly Legal (USA) “Force Majeure” Season 2 Episode 12

Fairly Legal  "Force Majeure" Season 2 Episode 12  airs on Friday June 8 at 9pm on USA. You can read all our  coverage of  Fairly Legal  here . Episode Synopsis:  In an effort to woo Kate, Justin introduces her to a Brazilian singer and activist who may wind up costing him his election. Read More... //  

'Fairly Legal': Lauren Gets Her Big Romantic Kiss (Exclusive Video)

  After nearly two seasons grieving after the death of her husband,  Fairly Legal 's staight-laced attorney Lauren Reed ( Virginia Williams ) has finally let her hair down -- literally and figuratively -- and become the object of someone's affections. In a scene from Friday's episode "Force Majeure," exclusive to  The Hollywood Reporter , Lauren is charmed off her feet by wealthy English businessman Robin Archer ( Lloyd Owen ) with expensive food,  Singin' in the Rain ,  Peggy Lee and what else, lawyer talk. The climactic moment comes at a pivotal time for Lauren, though nothing can ever stay sunny forever as Robin may not be the person he says he is. Read More... //

Fairly Legal (USA) “Borderline” Season 2 Episode 11

Fairly Legal  "Borderline" Season 2 Episode 11 airs on Friday June 1 at 9pm on USA. You can read all our  coverage of  Fairly Legal  here . Episode Synopsis:  Kate and Ben travel to Lake Tahoe  to settle a jurisdictional dispute only to find out that a long unsolved murder is at the heart of the matter. Read More... //  

Fairly Legal “Shattered” Season 2 Episode 10

Fairly Legal  "Shattered" Season 2 Episode 10 airs on Friday May 18 at 9pm on USA.  Episode Synopsis:  Kate is mediating a negligence complaint when a surprise witness pits her and Ben against Justin and District Attorney Davidson. Read More... //  

'Fairly Legal': Meat Loaf gets riled up at Judge Nicastro

Check out this exclusive sneak peek clip of "Fairly Legal," airing Friday, May 11 on USA. In this newest episode, titled "Kiss Me, Kate," Judge Nicastro (Gerald McRaney) enlists Kate (Sarah Shahi) and Ben (Ryan Johnson) to help out in a contract dispute. Who are they helping? None other than rocker Meat Loaf. Mr. Loaf plays an angry union-head who just got his contract revoked. He doesn't like Judge Nicastro's dismissal of his case and gets pretty riled up in the courtroom. But we bet Kate figures out a way to help him. "Fairly Legal" is hurtling toward its second season finale and things are really heating up for Kate, Ben, Lauren and Justin. What are you hoping to see resolved before the season's end, "Fairly Legal" fans?... //

Fairly Legal “Kiss Me Kate” Season 2 Episode 9

Fairly Legal  "Kiss Me Kate" Season 2 Episode 9  airs on Friday May 11 at 9pm on USA. You can read all our  coverage of  Fairly Legal  here . Episode Synopsis:  Kate and Ben come to Judge Nicastro’s rescue when a contract dispute becomes a war with the transit workers’ union. Catch the premiere of "Kiss Me, Kate" guest-starring Meat Loaf and Gerald McRaney. Read More... //  

Fairly Legal “Ripple of Hope” Season 2 Episode 8

Fairly Legal  "Ripple of Hope" Season 2 Episode 8  airs on Friday May 4 at 9pm on USA. You can read all our  coverage of  Fairly Legal  here . Episode Synopsis:  When Kate enlists Ben’s help in turning a prison mediation into a personal crusade, both discover that their romantic feelings for each other are hard to avoid. Catch the premiere of "Ripple of Hope," guest-starring Agnes Bruckner and Wendy Crewson. Read More... //