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Fairly Legal “Teenage Wasteland” Season 2 Episode 7

Fairly Legal  "Teenage Wasteland" Season 2  Episode 7 airs on Friday April 27 at 9pm on USA. You can read all our  coverage of  Fairly Legal  here . Episode Synopsis :  Kate and Lauren clash over strategy when the private school  Kate attended asks her to mediate a dispute with an expelled student. Guest-starring Melinda McGraw. Read More... //  

Fairly Legal “What They Seem” Season 2 Episode 6

Fairly Legal  "What They Seem" Season 2 Episode 6 airs on Friday April 20 at 9pm on USA.  Episode Synopsis:  Kate joins Ben as he represents the victim of alleged police brutality against Justin and the SF Police Department who claim innocence. Read More... //  

Fairly Legal “Gimme Shelter” Season 2 Episode 5

Fairly Legal  "Gimme Shelter" Season 2 Episode 5 airs on Friday April 13 at 9pm on USA. You can read all our  coverage of  Fairly Legal  here . Episode Synopsis:  While mediating bankruptcy  negotiations, Kate decides to help a client who’s unable to pay his mortgage because of a drug-dealer tenant. Catch the premiere of "Gimme Shelter," guest-starring Esai Morales. Read More... //  

Fairly Legal “Shine A Light” Season 2 Episode 4

Fairly Legal  "Shine A Light" Season 2 Episode 4  airs on Friday April 6 at 9pm on USA. You can read all our  coverage of  Fairly Legal  here . Episode Synopsis:  Kate mediates a dispute over a severance package for an employee fired from an aeronautics company. Lauren and Ben argue over how to handle a settlement offer. Read More... //  

Fairly Legal “Bait and Switch” Season 2 Episode 3 – Tahmoh Penikett Guest Stars

Fairly Legal  "Bait and Switch" Season 2 Episode 3  airs on Friday March 30 at 9pm on USA. Episode Synopsis:  Judge Nicastro orders Kate to mediate an insurance dispute between a fishing boat Captain and a deckhand who suffered a debilitating accident. Catch the premiere of "Bait and Switch," guest-starring Tahmoh Penikett and Gerald McRaney. Read More... //  

Fairly Legal — Yes, Virginia!

The  How I Met Your Mother  alum spent Season 1 of USA's quirky dramedy emanating a chilly evil-stepmother vibe as Lauren Reed, the ice queen who'd married the now-deceased dad of  Sarah Shahi 's feisty mediator Kate. But the second season has seen a welcome thaw in the relationship between the law-firm coworkers, who are rooming together since Kate's boat blew up, and we even saw Lauren loosening up with a glass of wine in last week's episode. Read More... //

Fairly Legal “Start Me Up” Season 2 Episode 2

Fairly Legal  "Start Me Up" Season 2 Episode 2 airs on Friday March 23 at 9pm on USA. You can read all our  coverage of  Fairly Legal  here . Episode Synopsis:  Justin asks Kate to negotiate  a deal between the FBI and a local hospital. The case seems simple until Kate discovers another patient was bumped from the donor list to accommodate the FBI. Read More... //  

'Fairly Legal' sneak peek: A conflict of interest with two clients

"Fairly Legal" returned for its second season last Friday (March 16) and with it brought a lot of changes for Kate Reid and cohorts. The firm is in financial trouble, there's a smarmy new partner to deal with, Justin laid a huge confession on Kate and then her boat blew up. Rough week.The show is back Friday, March 23 with "Start Me Up" and Zap2it has an exclusive sneak peek clip (above), where Lauren is getting a new client - a fashion designer who wants his former employee to adhere to her non-compete agreement. The only problem is, said former employee is a client of Ben Grogan, the new partner at Reed and Reed. Uh oh.In other news, Kate is asked by Justin to mediate an agreement between the FBI and a local hospital. We imagine working with him will be just aces for Kate."Fairly Legal" airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA.... //

Interview: Esai Morales Talks ‘Fairly Legal’ And His Character’s Influence This Season

On last week’s season premiere of  Fairly Legal , we were introduced to a brand new character, D.A. Aaron Davidson, played wonderfully by Esai Morales, who will be Justin’s "arch nemesis" this season on the show. During our set visit a few weeks ago, Esai Morales took some time to talk to  TV Equals  and other reporters there as well about his character and what we can expect this season on  Fairly Legal . Read More... //  

Fairly Legal’s Producer Anton Cropper Talks What’s Coming Up In Season 2

If you watched last week’s premiere of  Fairly Legal , then you know that Kate’s life was turned on its head a bit. First she finds out Justin cheated on her while they were still together and then her boat blew up. Yikes! During our set visit a few weeks ago, Producer Anton Cropper took some time to talk to  TV Equals  and other reporters there about what is coming up for Kate this season as well as what else we can expect from  Fairly Legal  in season 2. Read More... //